Limited Time “Happy Hour” Adventure: Spice-C

Being the foodie I am, I am subscribed to many different blogs to keep me updated on all things food. While scrolling through my email I noticed that there was a new hot fried chicken place opening at the Tustin District Legacy. You may remember my Bar Louie Happy Hour Adventure at the District in the early days of the quarantine. I was scouring the internet trying to find an actual menu for the place since that was left off of the post. Unfortunately, I had no luck, so I got my mask, hand sanitizer, keys, and other essentials and hit the road.

The entrance

The brand new hot fried chicken establishment that had just opened is called Spice-C Hot Chicken Tenders. For the life of me, I can’t remember what was here before but I just hope it wasn’t another restaurant. Well, I shall send some positive energy towards Spice-C so they can overcome the challenges of operating during a pandemic.

Chicken Artwork

They have a couple of pictures of animated chickens on the walls to give it a more chill and laid back look. Although I felt it would have been more consistent if instead of having a picture of the meal in the end it should have been another chicken. You may spot the legs of some bright red chairs at the bottom of the picture. The chairs were flipped onto the table to prevent patrons from sitting inside.


So you may be wondering what do I mean by Limited Time “Happy Hour”. Well, it really isn’t technically a Happy Hour but the restaurant was offering 15% off of your order to celebrate its opening day. By Limited Time I meant that they were only offering this discount for the first two weeks of its opening. I know by the time you read this the deal will be over, so I do apologize for that.


Finally! I have a menu to actually look at and review the prices for all the items that are offered. Even though the name of the restaurant basically tells you what is being offered it is nice to see a menu. It is a very simple menu with 3 different combos which vary from a slider, tenders, or both. So, of course, I had to get Combo #3 to be able to get the full experience. The thing that makes everyone’s meal different is what heat level you get you are brave enough to take on. For me, I ended up going for the Extra Hot. A name like Reaper definitely scared me but I still wanted to actually enjoy the actual meal.

Infusion Kit

Before the meal let us get our drink on. The final infusion kit! I know you all have been waiting for this moment ever since you saw the first one from the Gifted Happy Hour Adventure. This one is the Citrus Bliss kit and it can be used for one of two types of liquor. You’ve seen me use Rum and Vodka already, so what could the other liquor be?

Gin is ready

Gin! I could have also used vodka for this one but we have to mix things up a bit. This jar is jam-packed with dehydrated lime, blood orange, orange, lemon grapefruit, and glazed lemon rinds. The most unique item in here is the citrus-infused cocktail sugar cabochons. All of these ingredients create a medley of amazing citrus notes that would pair wonderfully with the symphony of juniper berries from the gin.

Ingredients for cocktail


I didn’t go with the recipe card this time around either just like I did for the drink I made for my Din Tai Fung Happy Hour Adventure. I decided to create a Citrus Bliss Gin Martini with a lemon juice base. I took 2 parts of the gin, ½ part triple sec, 1 part simple syrup, and 1 part lemon juice. I shook it with ice and…

Citrus Bliss Martini

You have a Citrus Bliss Martini! A nice simple drink to make for any meal or Happy Hour to give a slight pucker to your lips. The drink was definitely all about the citrus which I certainly hope it would, given the name. Plus the juniper berry flavor of the gin really complimented the citrus notes very well. It may have been a touch tart, so maybe a little extra triple sec or simple syrup would help solve that problem.

Tender and Fries

One problem with the #3 Combo is the fact that it is an abundance of food to fit on a plate. Although I’d say that is an excellent problem to have. So the first half is dedicated to the tender, fries, pickles, and white bread. The fries were seasoned to perfection and they even sopped up a little bit of the sauce and seasoning of the chicken to spice things up. The bread was not my favorite. I know traditionally when white bread is served with hot fried chicken it is served just straight up without being grilled. But I always love the texture of bread when it’s grilled on the stovetop with butter.

Dunk Pic

Enough talk of the sides let’s get to the chicken! It’s almost as if Spice-C knew I was coming they cooked the chicken to perfection. Nice crispy outside with perfectly juicy chicken on the inside. The sauce of the chicken tender itself was definitely Extra Hot. In this case, it was one of those good-tasting burns whenever you eat something spicy. My cheeks got a little flushed and it really cleared up my sinuses. Luckily on the side, they serve it up with their Comeback sauce which is similar to Cane’s sauce. It is essentially a pepper ranch with a little touch of lime juice and it really helped cool things down a bit.

Slider Time

Now to the piece of resistance, the slider. In my foodie opinion, the slider is the way to go. The slider contains the same tender that I had earlier but enhanced to a new level. First off the bread that they used for the slider is on a whole different level of the plain white bread earlier. The bun was grilled and it had a nice touch of sweetness to it to create a sweet and spicy effect. Then you have the slaw which adds some nice greens plus a cooling factor to the chicken.

Overall a great Takeout Happy Hour Adventure with a Make Your Own cocktail. If I were to go again I would just to the slider combo since it was quite a bit of food. I would maybe try just the Hot Heat Level to keep things a little more tamed. I love keeping up with all the new places opening up in the area and seeing how they are handling things.


Website: Spice-C Hot Chicken Tenders







Since I got this tip from one of the food blogs and newsletters that I’m signed up for I have this question. What blog or newsletters do you follow to keep up to date?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share to friends that would enjoy this Happy Hour

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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