Laziest Make Your Own Happy Hour Ever: Home Sweet Home

While doing my meal prep shopping at Trader Joe’s I perused around the freezer section. The way the store is set up currently is to have people wait in the freezer aisle until an available register is open. It’s the perfect set up to buy that last-minute ice cream or in my case appetizer.

Pastry Bites from Trader Joe’s

You may remember my Lazy Yet Fancy Happy Hour Adventure where all the items also came from Trader Joe’s. This Adventure is even lazier than that one because that one you did have to cut your slices of cheese for the charcuterie. Here all one has to do is pull the tray from the box and throw it on the baking sheet.

Baking Tray Ready

I actually like that it comes in this little baking dish because it’s fewer dishes that one has to wash. You may be wondering why I put foil down on the baking sheet if the food wasn’t going to be going directly on the tray. Well, that is because I had already placed the foil down before finding out that it was already in a tray. Unless I was thinking ahead and decided to get the foil ready to easily wrap up leftovers? No. It was definitely the first reason.

Tiny Fork Time

There you have it! After a 20 minute trip in the oven, you have fully cooked pastry bites ready to be popped into your mouth. You can see the puff pastry vessel as it holds together a feta and cream cheese filling all while being topped with that sweet caramelized onion. Each bite was so satisfying as the cheese and onion flavor notes created a medley that was very worthy of this Adventure. One thing I suggest you not do is to look at the serving portion for these little delectable bites. Trust me on that. You may be thinking, What could possibly be a lazy drink to make for Happy Hour?

Ray’s Creek Zinfandel

The answer to that question is quite simple. A bottle of wine! Well, obviously not a whole bottle but a glass or two would be the perfect accompaniment for this appetizer. I broke open another bottle from my Bright Cellars case that I first showed you from my Slap Fish Happy Hour Adventure. This bottle comes straight from Lodi, California where it brings flavors of cranberries and other fruity notes. Again I’m still developing a taste for red wine so It was not my favorite but it was a nice glass to enjoy with this Lazy Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure.


I know this has got to be my shortest Happy Hour Adventure I have ever written but when it comes to the Laziest Happy Hour Ever one must make it short and to the point.

If you are interested then you can check out Bright Cellars to see what wines it suggests for you for your next Happy Hour Adventure at your Home Sweet Home. You can save $50 dollars on your first order!

Website: Bright Cellars





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I believe this is the third time that we’ve had wine on these Happy Hour Adventures. So I ask you this, What is your favorite wine to drink?


Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.


May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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  1. My favorite ever was probably a port from graham's or something like that, but it's expensive and hard to come by. A much simpler go to I enjoy is lambrusco

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