Expensive “Happy Hour” Adventure: Eureka!

A little background on this “Happy Hour” Adventure before we get into things. To continue my journey of being an adult I figured it was time to get a second credit card. Back in May, I applied for the Chase Unlimited Freedom card because I saw a special deal going where if you spend $500 within the first three months you get $200 back. I figured it was just too good of a deal to pass up on so I signed up. After having the card for a couple of months I get an email talking about another benefit I could get with the card.

Eureka! Website

What exactly could this deal be? Well, let’s take a sneak peek of where I would be ordering food for this Adventure. My parents were out of town and said I was more than welcome to enjoy the jacuzzi. So it was time to look for places close by and that would be a great meal to enjoy in the backyard. Eureka! I had found Eureka! as the perfect place to order food for takeout. Luckily for me Eureka! fell under the deal I was looking at.


DashPass Deal

The special perk that I received for having the Chase Unlimited card was to get the DashPass from DoorDash for free for 3 months! As you can see above the DashPass gets you free delivery and discounted service fees. Plus I would get $10 put towards my first order which was even better. Another plus for when I ordered from Eureka! was the fact that for the first order I could get 20% off. Sure it can only be up to $5 off but it is still a discount and I’ll take what I can get.

Spring 44 Vodka

When looking at the menu I saw that they delivered alcohol! I haven’t seen too many places that actually delivered liquor or cocktails on DoorDash until this moment. Unfortunately what a lot of places are doing are creating cocktails in batches and those batches can be as many as 4 cocktails in one. I didn’t really need to have 4 cocktails so I kept looking. After scrolling further down the list I saw they could deliver WHOLE bottles of liquor! I saw a bottle of vodka for $19 that comes from Colorado using water from an artesian spring up in the Colorado Rocky Mountain. Did I actually need a whole bottle? No, but I figured a whole bottle would hold for a lot longer than getting a batch cocktail that serves 4. Plus this was $1 cheaper than their cocktails so I think it worked out. I didn’t get a picture of the drink I made because all I made was a simple vodka and lemonade.

28 Dry-Aged Bone Marrow Burger

Since I already dropped $19 on a whole bottle of vodka I figured why not just keep things consistent and go big. I have always wanted to try their 28 Day Dry-Aged Bone Marrow because just the sound of it sounds drool-worthy and at $22 it lines up with the vodka. This burger is made with carrot-fed Angus to give the meat a little bit of sweetness. Bone marrow shiitake butter for that delicious umami flavor. For the veggies, it was topped with charbroiled onion and a lovely roasted Roma tomato. To kick things up a bit there was a horseradish mustard aioli. All these layers of ingredients really created a flavor party in my mouth. One thing I should have done was gotten the burger rare so when I reheated it, it would be a medium-rare for my enjoyment.

Sherry-braised Riblets

Last but not least I got some Sherry-braised slow-roasted pork riblets for $11. Think of a rack of ribs but in a bite-sized format for easy eating. You may be wondering what that vibrant red sauce is coating the riblets. Well, that folks is Eureka’s! Firecracker aioli which made for a perfect sauce for finger-licking later on. I loved both the crispy burnt ends all the way to the fall-off-the-bone slow-roasted parts of these riblets.

Definitely, a lot of food and drink for this “Happy Hour” Adventure but for me this turned into two meals that I could enjoy for another day. When I was writing this Adventure I went to Eureka’s! website for the description of the items and discovered something off. I looked back at my receipt for DoorDash and compared it to the menu prices on their website and saw DoorDash was charging more than the actual restaurant. Yet DoorDash also adds on a Service Fee charge, so in the end, DoorDash is getting extra money. Although after the 20% off and the $10 credit I received it ended up being around the same price or slightly cheaper to get it delivered than picking it up myself. But if I didn’t have those discounts and deals I would have been a little upset that I could have gotten it cheaper from the restaurant directly. I just wanted to inform all of you that use DoorDash because it might be better to just go directly to them if you are wanting to save a little extra money.

Website: Eureka!







Since this was the most expensive “Happy Hour” Adventure we’ve ever had I had this question. What is the most expensive meal you have ever had?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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  1. Most expensive meal for just me was the upstairs French restaurant in Epcot. However there was one time in NY I bought KBBQ for me and one friend and that cost me more. Worth it though. Super fun, super delicious.

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