Whenever I think of DoorDash or UberEats I always think of someone dropping off food straight to my door. Something that I’ve seen on these apps though is an option that allows the customer to pick it up themselves. I think this is a great alternative option for those that want to avoid all of the delivery fees. Typically I would just order from the restaurant directly to support them directly. If you remember from my SlapFish Happy Hour Adventure, I had received quite a few DoorDash credits. Now I have the difficult choice of picking where I should go.

Din Tai Fung

I’m someone that doesn’t really like to drive too often, so I wanted to find a place close by. South Coast Plaza has been closed since mid-March and just recently opened back up. I figured this was the perfect chance to try a restaurant that I’ve been dying to try by South Coast Plaza. Din Tai Fung is a place that I always see a line stretching out the door for people wanting to try the amazing dumplings and buns served up here.

Pick-Up Station

Luckily the pick-up station for Din Tai Fung is outside to help minimize your time inside. Also, they have a great little barrier to add an extra layer of protection to both the customer and the employee.

To-Go Bag

The bag that they put the food in for takeout is actually quite nice. I actually decided to keep it and is sitting in my closet right now.

Infusion Kit

Before I open up the bag and show you the food I got we are going back in time. You may remember my Gifted Happy Hour Adventure where I first talked about the infusion kits I got for my birthday. Here is infusion kit number two! This is the Cran-Orange Hibiscus kit and the name gives you all the ingredients in this kit. Some other items in the kit are an orange flavor soda for the cocktail recipe and some Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almonds.

Vodka and Infusion Jar

For this infusion jar, I poured in vodka to completely transform it into something new. Let’s fast forward 2 days from this point in time to see how the finished product looks.

Cran-Orange Hibiscus Vodka

The end product turned the vodka into a purple color from the cranberries and the hibiscus flower in the jar. I do love the floral taste that the vodka has and it is quite unique compared to other vodkas I have had.


I ended up being a little creative by creating my own cocktail instead of using the recipe I was given. I decided a Cran-Orange Hibiscus Martini would be a great fit for this vodka. I ended up using lime juice because I thought that would pair well with the cranberry flavor.

Cran-Orange Hibiscus Martini

This martini on the rocks has a lot more complex flavors than the normal Lemon Drop martinis I enjoy. The added punch of the hibiscus really helped to transform this into one of the most unique martinis I’ve ever had. Next time I will give the Sparkling Cran-Orange Vodka cocktail a try.

Kurabuta Pork Bun

Now let’s head back to the meal that you’ve all been waiting for. To start I figured we would take a bit into the Kurabuta Pork Bun. The outer bun has an almost springy texture to it. It is kind of hard to describe but imagine placing your finger and having that bouncy feeling. All buns on the outside look the same, so I’m sure we are more interested in what is on the inside.

Delicious Pork

The pork is ground up and formed into a mashed spherical shape it looks like. I can spot some green spices in the mix of the bun. This bun was very flavorful in each and every bite you take. The best part of the bun was definitely the meat on the inside.

Wrapped Present

Next up we have a Kurabuta Pork Sticky Rice Wrap. You may be thinking, I don’t see any rice or pork whatsoever. To get to this appetizer, we are going to have to open up the wrapping. It almost reminds me of opening up a present on Christmas morning but this is a present you get to eat.

Kurabuta Pork Sticky Rice Wrap

After unwinding the twine for what seemed like an eternity and unwrapping the leaves we finally get the first sight of the sticky rice exterior. Then we cut it in half to see the Kurabuta Pork chunks nestled within the rice. The smell of this dish was not one that would say that this would be delicious. The smell did end up matching with the taste of the sticky rice. In the same case as the bun, it was the pork that ended up shining through for this dish.

Jidori Chicken Dumplings

For the grand finale, I saved the best for last, Jidori Chicken Dumplings. Jidori Chicken is often referred to as the Kobe Beef of chicken. With a reputation like that you know it is going to taste delicious. I ended up pouring a little soy sauce for some dipping purposes just in case. Plus I think it adds a nice little touch to the plating.

Juicy Chicken

The exterior of the dumpling has a very nice soft texture, almost like a pasta. Again the meat on the inside is ground up with seasonings to really brighten up the flavors. The chicken is very juicy and tender and each time I bit into it some of the juices would come flying out. I could just eat an everflowing plate of these amazing dumplings.

Boxed Appetizers

I ordered quite a bit of food for this Happy Hour Adventure. I stuck with more appetizers to keep with the theme of a typical Happy Hour since this restaurant does not have a Happy Hour. When I go I would love to try the Xiao Long Bao since this is the specialty of Din Tai Fung. One day I would love to dine inside this beautiful restaurant and have a proper meal.

Website: Din Tai Fung







Since this Happy Hour Adventure was filled with Taiwanese cuisine I have this question. Do you have a favorite Taiwanese dish or if you haven’t tried Taiwanese food does this make you want to try it?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share to friends that would enjoy this Happy Hour

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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