Coastal Happy Hour: California Fish Grill

After finishing up my meal prep I decided I was too lazy to make something for dinner, so the only solution is having a Happy Hour Adventure. I had enough credits left on my Door Dash account from my birthday for one last delivery. So after researching a couple of places I decided on a place.

Door Dash Delivery

The California Fish Grill was the top contender. It had some delicious sounding seafood items to transport me to the coast plus free delivery is always a nice little touch.

Coastal Tacos

Here’s a little snapshot of some of the amazing coastal taco varieties that are offered at the restaurant. You may see some of these individual tacos pop up later in this Adventure.

Recipe Card

Since I was getting the food delivered I thought I might as well get a drink made to partake in while I wait. Since the recipe in the infusion kit was so simple it would be a perfect drink to concoct.


As you can see it is just two ingredients that one would require to make this drink. Of course, we are using the cran-orange hibiscus vodka as our liquor and for the mixer, we received a can of orange-vanilla seltzer. So not exactly the La Croix Orange listed on the recipe but if it was in the box I figured it had to be in there for a reason.

Sparkling Cran-Orange Vodka

Not sure If I mentioned this I don’t really like the feeling of drinking carbonated drinks. So it was a little too carbonated for my taste. Typically what I do is I let the drink sit for a while to allow the bubbles to reside. I think that the recipe card was right about specifically using just orange soda because the orange-vanilla soda had a more vanilla forward taste.


I know the anticipation is killing you but you’ll have to wait slightly longer till you read about the coastal tacos I got for this Adventure. I was really craving some calamari for some reason and threw in an order for the delivery. The calamari I’m used to seeing are in ring shapes or the actual squid with tentacles and everything. Some people may think I’m crazy but I actually enjoy the squid shaped ones because the tentacles get pretty crispy when fried. These are almost like calamari tenders which I don’t see too often and honestly don’t enjoy as much. Luckily, in this case, the seasoning in the batter was spot on which really makes or breaks calamari.

Cajun Salmon Taco

Now off to a medley of two seafood tacos to bring you to a coastal town as you listen to the waves crash onto a sandy beach. First up is a cajun salmon taco topped with a variety of goodies. One can spot some slightly pickled red onion along with some pico de gallo and roasted corn. Plus a drizzle of green goddess sauce helped bring some herbiness and freshness Of course, the star of this taco has got to be the salmon rubbed in cajun butter to make it decadent and spicy.

Battered Shrimp Taco

I was thinking that the cajun salmon taco was going to be the winning taco of the evening but then the battered shrimp taco swam into my heart. As you can see it still had the pico de gallo, pickled red onion, and some slaw like the other one. This taco had four jumbo-sized battered shrimp that could barely all fit on this single taco. The exterior was crisped to perfection after reheating it using my trusty air fryer. I think the thing that helped push this taco past the finish line was the explosive dynamite sauce. It had a nice bit of spice to it but also some sweet notes to it which really made the dish great.

A couple of tacos and some calamari always a great way to end the weekend before work the next day.

Website: California Fish Grill







When it comes to seafood tacos what type of seafood do you prefer in taco format?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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  1. I've never had a salmon taco. I'd give that a try. For seafood tacos I do usually have to stick with actually fish. Shellfish unfortunately kinda creep me out.

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