Belated Birthday Meal: Red Robin

For those of you that remember I celebrated my birthday last month and ordered in some Slap Fish while video chatting with my family. Not sure if you are aware but there are restaurants, mostly chains, that offer up something free for your birthday. I usually try to stray away from chain restaurants for my Happy Hour Adventures but this has got to be one of the better Birthday Specials.

Free Burger Email

That is right, your eyes do not mistake you. Red Robin gives you a free burger of your choice for your Birthday Celebration. One great thing about this deal is that the coupon lasts you the entire month of your birthday. Because who doesn’t enjoy celebrating their birthday all month long. I originally was just going to go pick it up myself and bring it home on this particular Friday. However, my dad ended up giving me a call saying that they had a couple of gift cards they needed to use up. So I ended up spending time with them on Friday night by getting some food for takeout.

Balli Hali Tropical Tiki Rum Mai Tai

While perusing over the menu I figured I’d look at what drinks they offered to go. Unfortunately, all of their alcoholic beverages to-go were all canned up already. Which means no handmade cocktails for takeout. Although there was one beverage that intrigued me. The Bali Hali Tropical Tiki Rum Mai Tai! Now try saying that three times fast. You know how I enjoy rum so I couldn’t pass this up.

Glass Ready

This drink is by Cutwater Spirits which is based out of San Diego, so it was nice to support another Southern Californian business. When poured into a glass, the colors do not scream that it is a Mai Tai. I took a sip let it swirl around my mouth and swallowed. And…I was not a fan. It is tough to create a canned cocktail and make it taste like it is fresh. It really didn’t remind me of a Mai Tai so I think that is why I did not enjoy it.

Onion Ring Tower (No Tower)

I honestly don’t remember the last time I went to a Red Robin, it has at least been a solid 3 years. There is one thing that always ends up being ordered for the table, onion rings. There is something about a crispy exterior then biting your teeth into the soft onion on the inside. Has anyone ever bitten into an onion ring and end up taking the whole onion out of the shell? Then all that is left is that fried batter to indulge in. These onion rings were cooked to perfection and were so delicious. 

Burnin’ Love Burger

Last but not least is the main event, the free birthday burger! There are numerous options for someone to choose from so the task of choosing a winner is daunting. As always I steered towards the direction of something spicy. For that, there is only one burger that can satisfy me, The Burnin’ Love Burger. This topping loaded burger is packed with house-made salsa, pepper-jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, chipotle aioli, and fried jalapeño coins. There may be a lot going on but I could still taste all the ingredients. Whether it is that creamy aioli, to the cheesiness of the pepper-jack, and the crispiness of the jalapeño coins. The burger patty itself may haven’t had the chance to shine through but I loved the toppings.

I sure do love getting free goodies for my birthday even if my birthday had passed weeks ago.

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Since we are talking about free food I have this question for you. Where do you go to that offers something free or a discount for your birthday?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share to friends that would enjoy this Happy Hour

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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