Seafood Medley Happy Hour: SlapFish

I’m sitting at my home office on my birthday when I get an email from two of the people I work with. I open it up and to my amazement, it was a $50 Door Dash gift card! I was totally taken off guard by it because I was not expecting a gift plus one of high value. I would like to thank them because it will essentially be funding my next couple of Happy Hour Adventures.

SlapFish Logo

Originally I was just going to eat the healthy meal prep that I had made for the week. Then I thought, “No. It’s my birthday and I deserve a propper celebratory Happy Hour”. The one place that came to mind for this special occasion was SlapFish.

DoorDash Happy Hour

As I’m writing this I realized I did not reach the $15 for free delivery, but as luck would have it the delivery fee was only $1.99. There are some pricey delivery fees, some as high as $8! So I’ll take this fee any day.


Starters Menu

I know technically this is not a Happy Hour, but when you are using a gift card that was gifted to you I say that counts. Plus the prices on these appetizers actually line up with some of the Happy Hours I’ve been to, so it’s perfect. Any guesses as to which items I got? If you are a family member that was on the Birthday Video Chat then you already know so no guessing. That would be cheating.

Sprig & Rose Sauvignon Blanc

Before we talk food though, let’s talk drink! Unfortunately, SlapFish did not have any alcoholic beverages available for delivery. So I figured this was the opportune moment to pull out something that I don’t have too often on my Adventures, wine. I had found this great deal through Bright Cellars which is a wine delivery service that determines what wines you may like through a survey. I got 5 bottles for $30, well $38 after delivery but still.

For this night I decided on a Sauvignon Blanc from Sprig & Rose. I figured this would be the perfect wine since I was indulging in a seafood medley. At first sip, there’s a very crisp taste to it but then a symphony of fruitiness came rushing in. It was a very pleasant wine to enjoy with the family. Now, back to the food!

Lobster Taquitos

If one of your guesses was lobster taquitos then you got it! Does anyone recognize the plate? It was from my very first Happy Hour To Go Adventure when everything first shut down. I displayed some tacos from Taco Asylum on this amazing Disney plate!

Hidden Lobster

I have to tell you these fried tortillas filled with succulent lobster were amazing! I’ve had plenty of Mexican Seafood dishes, but I don’t think I’ve ever had them in the form of a taquito. The outside had the perfect crunchy texture and then you taste that buttery lobster inside. The piece of resistance though was the Awesome Sauce. What is Awesome Sauce? I have no idea, but I can certainly say it was awesome! It was almost like a chipotle cream sauce which was perfect for the dish.

Chowder Fries

For those of you that guessed chowder fries then here is a win for you. For those of you curious whether or not chowder fries can survive a delivery then there is a simple answer for that. Luckily the Door Dash app had an option to have the chowder separated from the french fries. This way you don’t get soggy fries dropped off on your doorstep.

Fry Time

As a side story, I did not like clam chowder growing up as a kid and even into being an adult. I have actually started developing a taste for it. You have the delicious cream base of the soup filled with potatoes, clams, chives, and a little bit of bacon. What could possibly make chowder tastier? Well, how about cascade that chowder onto a plate full of crispy salty fries? I think it’s the perfect combo because the chowder already has potatoes in it, so it only makes sense to add more carbs.

In the end, this was a meal that really transformed a day in quarantine to a magical birthday celebration. Plus to be able to video chat with my family before really made it even more special.

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Since this was my Quarantine Birthday Celebration I want to hear from you. For those of you that have had birthdays during quarantine, what have you done to celebrate?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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