The main reason for this Happy Hour Adventure revolves around items that I received from my mom for my birthday and just a random gift. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use these items to create a great Happy Hour Adventure.

Mystery Concoction

The mystery liquid you see above took approximately two days to create. What exactly could this be? Well, let’s rewind two days before this picture was taken to find out.

Infusion Kit

This is one of the three kits that I received for my birthday. My mom has friends from a local company in Arizona known as Liquid Caterers/Couple of Bartenders. The company goes out to private events to help be Bartenders at your wedding or birthday. They actually helped with my Mom’s Big 50 Birthday Bash. In this particular kit, you get a ginger beer, prosecco gummy bears, a coaster, a recipe, and one jar filled with various dried fruits.

Various dried fruits

This jar is jampacked with pineapple, orange, coconut, and cherry. All of these fruits definitely are ones when combined together will turn anything into a tropical drink. In this case, there is only one liquor that would be appropriate for this jar.

Ready to infuse

Of course, I chose rum! Plus you probably saw the tag earlier mentioning how it was meant for rum in the first place. You definitely can’t beat a name like Pirate’s Cove with all the ingredients being used for this infusion kit. You can leave the infusion kit to sit with the liquor for as little as 6 hours to as long as 3 days. For the best results, it suggests approximately 2 days, which is what I did.

Recipe Card

The recipe that this kit came with was the Pirates Cove Mule. It’s always nice to get a recipe that only involves three ingredients because that certainly makes things easier. The only thing I wish is that it said how many ounces of the orange juice and ginger beer you would need. Just because oranges come in various sizes each with different amounts of juice in each.

Ingredient Ready to Go

There are the ingredients used in this drink for your viewing pleasure. I may have gotten a little excited and started juicing the orange but here is half of the giant orange that I got my hands on.

Pirates Cove Mule

Arrr, mateys, we have done it! We have completed the treasure hunt to the completed cocktail. I loved the freshness of the orange juice that was hand-squeezed into the concoction. The orange may have overwhelmed the flavor of the liquor in my opinion. In the end, I thought this was one refreshing drink to enjoy the sunset as I sail away on a pirate ship.

Big Red’s Smother Sauce

Does anyone recognize the Big Red’s name? You may remember me using a bottle of Big Red’s 5 Kings Hot Sauce from my Nacho Ordinary Happy Hour Adventure. This is definitely on the opposite side of the spectrum in spiciness compared to the hot sauces I had with them. The flavor is slightly sweet with a very prevalent flavor of rum. I guess one can expect that from a Blackberry Rum Smother Sauce.

Smothering Chicken in Sauce

I had an extra piece of chicken breast that I was using for my meal prep, so I figured I’d make a Blackberry Rum chicken bites recipe. But then I started looking around the kitchen and fridge. I saw two last pieces of bread, a little bit of cheese, some red onion, jalapeños, and mayo. The gears in my head started turning. I throw the chicken in the air fryer, wash my hands, and get to work.

Grilling Bread and Melting Cheese

If your mind wandered the direction of making a barbeque chicken sandwich then you came to the same conclusion I did. I threw some butter in a pan and got to grilling my sourdough bread. Then threw on some cheese, so that way it melts into the bread. Topped with some chopped red onion and jalapeños and waited.

Air-Fried Chicken

The chicken came out beautifully cooked with the Blackberry Rum Smother Sauce glazing over the chicken. I threw the chicken onto the sandwich because I wanted to eat as soon as possible.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Look at that beautiful BBQ Chicken Sandwich! I think I have a small tear in my eye just looking at it right now. The bread has the perfect grilled touch that I always enjoy seeing on any sandwich. I see the vibrant colors of the red onion and jalapeños peaking in the sandwich. Of course, the glistening cheese as it oozes in the sandwich.

Look at it!

Overall the sandwich was one that I would love to have again and again. Maybe next time I would throw the chicken on a barbeque to bring out a more barbequed flavor to the meat. The one thing I would probably leave out would be the red onion because the onion may have overpowered the flavor of the smother sauce. Luckily I poured more to the side for dipping purposes.

Website: Liquid Caterers and Couple of Bartenders




Price: (all gifted)

Work Level:


Does anyone out there ever get gifted food or ingredient presents? If so what wonderful creation did you create with them?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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  1. Ok, 1, as long as the price point is reasonable that drink kit is an amazing idea. I want one. 2, that sauce sounds absolutely incredible, I want it.

    No, no one has ever gifted me food. I was given Hawaiian sugar once but nothing like a kit like you've got.

  2. I honestly have no idea the price on the kit. I know they have various sizes and you can have them customized. Just search big red's hot sauce and it should come up. Did you use the sugar and if so what did you use it for?

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