I’m someone that tries to use up all of the food that I get. I never enjoy throwing away food because it’s a waste of food and money. Part of my meal prep involved jalapeños, however, Trader Joe’s only sells them by the bag full. Plus I had cream cheese, flour, bread crumbs at home. One recipe came to mind, jalapeño poppers! Of course, you’ve already seen my air fried bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers before from my very first Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure. I thought I would give this go around an unhealthy twist.

Sneak Peek

For those of you that remember my first Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventure then you may notice the filling above is a bit different. Now that I gave you a little taste, let’s make our drink.

Makings of a Tequila Sunrise?

You may recognize that the ingredients could make a Tequila Sunrise, with one exception. Instead of a traditional orange juice, I have an orange, peach, and mango juice. Something a little more pizzazz. I figured I already had the tequila and grenadine, so why not make my own variation.

OC Sunrise

Plus I figured if I was having some jalapeños the only liquor worthy of this meal would be Tequila. I just eyeballed the ingredients, so no specific recipe with measurements in this case. As expected the taste brought me to a tropical beach in Mexico as I watch the sunrise right before jumping into the ocean. It’s hard to mess up a simple drink such as this.

Ingredients, Assemble!

Pictured above will be all the ingredients one needs to assemble these jalapeño poppers. I know there is bacon for these fried spicy appetizers, but we are using those slices a bit differently than last time. After cutting and gutting those jalapeños in half it is time to get to the filling. But I warn you, DO NOT touch your eyes after cutting any spicy pepper.

Air-fried Bacon

The first step is to cook up some bacon. I learned that air frying bacon makes it super crispy, which is my favorite type of bacon. Plus crispy bacon means it’s easier to crumble up into bacon bits.

That Cheesy Filling

This filling reminds me of the filling that I made for my Cheesy Chorizo Bites. Which as I write this I was struck with the idea of making these jalapeño poppers with that same filling. But, back to the task at hand. The filling is made up of cream cheese, softened, of course, cheddar cheese, and crunchy bacon. Now that we have the filling let us pack it into those halved jalapeños.

Milk and Flour

Now it is time for the coating process. In two separate bowls pour in your flour and milk.

Time to get those hands dirty

Try your best to have one hand for the wet coating process and the other for the dry coat. Otherwise, your hands are going to get doughy with the flour and milk mixture together. The milk is going to be the binding agent that helps to get the flour to stick to the pepper.

Last-minute addition

So I may have left out an ingredient when I showed you all of the ingredients you needed for this Adventure. But in my defense, this ingredient wasn’t required and it was added from a moment of inspiration. You know when you near the end of your chips all that is left are crumbled remains of whole chips. So I decided to break them up even further and combine with my panko bread crumbs. This way I get an added bit of jalapeño flavor to my poppers. This step requires to dip those poppers in milk again then into the bread crumb coating multiple times until the poppers are dressed in their finest.

Un-fried Poppers

Look at them! Aren’t they glorious? Oh, wait! I think I’m missing something. That’s right, silly me. I need to fry them up. So with a little magic of some piping hot oil…

Fried Jalapeño Poppers

Voila! Now, these look more suitable for eating with the golden-brown fried exterior. But wait, what is that hidden in the distance? Well, obviously one needs a dipping sauce.

Spicy Ranch

I figured I would do a mash-up of two different types of hot sauces straight from Trader Joe’s. With the jalapeño hot sauce, we are complementing the poppers and with the habanero sauce, we are bringing on the spice level.

Time for a dip

Honestly, I don’t have the words to describe these beauties, but I will do my best. The crunch alone was so satisfying from the breading. I am, so glad I introduced potato chips to the panko bread crumbs because I think they made a good couple. 

A demolished popper

Don’t get me started on the crisp snap of the jalapeño as my teeth dug into it. However, the true star of the dish was when that cheesy and balcony goodness launched from the pepper. Something about cheddar cheese and bacon together really is something to behold. My one complaint, they were a bit messy, which who cares when you are on a Happy Hour Adventure!

I have to say that this is has got to be one of my favorite food items that I have made on one of the Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventures.

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What did you think of those jalapeño poppers? Since they are fried I want to know what your favorite fried food is?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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  1. When you post this on IG, make sure you are tagging @traderjoes along with any other company's products you use! THIS looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Idk what my overall favorite food is, but since you're taking about fried jalapeño poppers, I know I really enjoy green bean fries. I feel like those are sort of comparable. I know that as good as those poppers look, I could never ever stomach anything jalapeño. I'm a wimp who can't handle anything spicy

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