Sometimes you just need to clear up some space in the fridge to make sure everything is in order. I had enough chorizo to create a brand new recipe I have never attempted before. I was in luck because this recipe only involves four ingredients and I already had two of them.

All the booze!

As always let’s get a drink made up to enjoy while we cook. In this case, let’s make it a very booze-filled drink since this is Sunday. Just look at all of those liquors! Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Gin, and Triple Sec, Oh my! There’s only one drink that you would need all of these ingredients for, a Long Island Tea. The easy part is that it is all equal parts of all the liquors listed plus lemon juice and simple syrup. Although something is missing…Coca Cola.

Strawberry Lemonade

But why go the traditional route when you can mix things up? So I ended up doing a splash Strawberry Lemonade Sparkling Water. I loved how it introduced that wonderful strawberry flavor into the drink.

Strawberry Lemonade Tea

There you have it, folks! A Long Island Tea with a splash of strawberry lemonade. Let’s just call it a Strawberry Lemonade Tea. As with any Long Island Tea variation you are always going to taste the various booze with each and every sip. One would think when you throw in all of that booze you are going to get knocked out right away. However, for some reason, it really does work. I think it’s the addition of the lemon juice and simple syrup that helped to bring everything together.

Ingredients for Cheesy Chorizo Bites

Who’s ready how to make this simple appetizer? As you can see just four little ingredients is what one will need to make this app. Chorizo, cooked, of course, Cheese, and Cream Cheese are the three ingredients that will make up the filling for the dish. Then to enwrap the filling all you need is a sheet of crescent rolls. I chose the buttery flaky kind because why not.

Cooking some Chorizo

As mentioned we don’t want raw chorizo in our filling, so it’s time to get to cooking. The thing about chorizo is that it is so flavorful that one doesn’t really need to season it. Once finished cooking you will want to set it aside to cool down.

The Filling

Once the chorizo is cooled down it is time to get mixing some ingredients. I would also recommend leaving out the cream cheese so that it can soften in time to manage. I didn’t actually have the full amount of chorizo for the recipe, so I ended up eyeballing how much I needed. For those of you with a sharp eye, you may see some jalepeños in the mix. What did you expect? It’s me. Of course, I’m going to add some jalepeños to the dish.

Repurposed Dough

So the recipe said to cut the dough into 8 even squares. The tricky part was that the dough was already precut in triangles. So this is my attempt at re-rolling the dough to a full sheet. Thinking back I probably could have just left it as triangles since I was just going to wrap it up to enclose the filling. It’s too late for that, not like I can go back in time.

Fill It Up!

One note is that I had a lot of filling and 8 squares were not enough for it all, so I had some leftover. Now place a little bit of the filling into the dough squares and blanket the filling with the dough blanket.

Enwrapped and ready for cooking

Of course, I’m going to use the air fryer for this Adventure! It is by far my favorite kitchen utensil in my collection. Now that they are arranged in the fryer it is time to get cooking. The recipe called for them to be placed in a mini muffin tin, which I did not have. So I improvised by separating them out with foil just to be safe.

Cheesy Chorizo Bites

We’ve done it! Look at those little bundles of deliciousness just waiting to be torn into. They may not be the prettiest looking things, but just wait till you see the inside.

Hidden Chorizo

Look at that pocket of cheesy and chorizo goodness. Just be careful when you bite into this Cheesy Chorizo Bite because it may be as hot as a volcano in there. The flavor on the inside was absolutely perfect, but there was just something missing on the dough itself. Maybe a butter glaze would have helped. But I did whip up a spicy ranch dip to see if that would help. Which it did, but I don’t think the typical hot sauce I used was the right flavor profile. Maybe a chipotle ranch would have been perfect.

Cheesy Chorizo Dip

Remember how I was saying I had a little too much filling from earlier? I decided to make that filling into a Cheesy Chorizo Dip! I threw the filling into a small little cast iron skillet and threw it in the oven for 7 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. You can just see that stringy cheesy goodness as I pull the chip with the dip close to my mouth. I say the filling works both great as a dip or wrapped up in a golden crescent dough exterior.

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Since I was essentially able to create two dishes from one recipe I have this question for you. Do you have a recipe that you can repurpose into different dishes?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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