Speed Run Happy Hour: Bear Flag Fish Co.

I’m going to make this one short and sweet for all of you Happy Hour Adventurers out there. I know I’ve been diving into a lot of Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventures, so I wanted to bring up a takeout place. Just as a heads up this may not be an actual Happy Hour, but I want to do my part to help any and all restaurants during this unprecedented time.

A sign, but no name?

Where can one find this wooden pyrography artwork hanging about? Well this artwork, in particular, is found hanging in the Lot 579 Food Hall at Pacific City. I loved trying all the different food vendors located here. Just being there reminded me of the Pacific City Food Festival that they had going on. However, now there are not many dining establishments open at Pacific City. Luckily this restaurant is still trekking along to serve the public fresh seafood.

Sign Part 1
Sign Part 2

Were you able to guess what the restaurant was solely based on the sign artistically made with a fire earlier? Well, it is the one and only Bear Flag Fish Co. Named simply by the bear one can see roaming on the California State Flag. My dad loves one thing here and that is Poke. Luckily that is who I was able to meet with for a brief time and enjoy some company.

Buzz Ballz: Strawberry Rum Job

Although this may not be an actual Happy Hour, I feel like when you add a drink into the mix why not think of it as a Happy Hour. I decided to go with a premade cocktail to adventure into new realms. Writing this I am just now seeing the name of the cocktail…Strawberry Rum Job. Well, I’ll take what I can get, at least there’s rum!

Prettier view of Cocktail

This concoction has a mix of Rum, Strawberry and Banana Juice, and Coconut Cream. I’ll have to say it wasn’t half bad. To me, more of the strawberry fruitiness came through than some of the other ingredients. Although I think with most packaged cocktails there is that slight difference in taste compared to a freshly made cocktail.

Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl

In the tradition of my dad, I went with Poke! Although I went a slightly different route than just ordering Poke by itself. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get the Poke Bowl. I wanted to try some of the unique toppings and spices they had, plus get some white rice to fill me up. I ordered the Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl with spicy sauce, chili flakes, fried wasabi, and green onions. As with most Poke I’ve had on my Adventures, well actually my life, it was deliciously tender. I loved the addition of the chili flakes because it added that crunchy spice to the tuna. Of course, the green onion adds a bit of green to the dish. Overall, a wonderful meal!

Huntington Beach Sunset

Before our food was even ready we had the opportunity to enjoy that wonderful Huntington Beach Sunset with my dad. I know HB has been the big talk of the nation with all the protests and the crowded beaches. Speaking of which this was the same day as the big protests but luckily by the time we got there, everyone had dispersed. But back to the point. It was nice to chat with my dad as we saw the sunset on this lovely Friday. It’s the little things that help us during these times.

I know definitely one of my shorter Adventures, but I hope you could still feel like you were part of the Adventure taking in all the details and pictures.

Website: Bear Flag Fish Co.







This week I just want to ask, how are you doing? I know we have been cooped up for a while, so I want to see how everyone is doing.

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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