Multi-Adventure Happy Hour: Multiple Places

This Happy Hour Adventure is a little unique in the sense I had the opportunity to make it into a multiple Adventures. All the foods and drinks you see will range from a Happy Hour you’ve seen before, to a burger place, to a special surprise within my neighborhood!

A Wonderful Ocean View

Above you will see a sneak peek of the second portion of the Adventure that I went on. However, we must go back to how the Adventure first started. It actually first began while sunbathing in my front yard.

Elote in the Sun

I have a neighbor that comes out to smoke on his balcony, so I see him every so often when I’m enjoying the rays of the sun. He had mentioned that an elote man comes around every so often in the neighborhood that he enjoys. You know he is coming around by the sounds of him honking his horn to know the corn is here. I ran over as soon as I heard it because it is best when you get it fresh. This wonderful corn on the cob was smeared with mayo, butter, cheese, and chili powder! It was hot to the touch and you can still see the steam hovering above it. But as you bite in you get the sweetness of the corn, to the savoriness of the mayo, all the way to the touch of spice from the chili powder. For $2 you can’t beat this great start to the Happy Hour Adventure.

Salted Watermelon Margarita

The second part of this Adventure involved meeting up with my dad at the Newport Marriott Villas. He had picked up some drinks and apps from Yard House. Yes I know I already had an Adventure here but that is why I decided to make it a multiple Adventure Happy Hour. The drink I went with was the Salted Watermelon Margarita. This particular margarita was a mix of Jimador Silver tequila, Cointreau, citrus agave, watermelon puree, and lime juice. It was a very nice margarita to be drinking while enjoying the views of the rolling hills and ocean. Although I wouldn’t really call this a Salted Watermelon Margarita because the watermelon flavor was very much prevalent without the salt.

Poke Nachos

I also enjoyed a small portion of the Poke Nachos which are half-off during Happy Hour. These Poke Nachos were wonderful. The wonton chips added that delicious fried crunch to the tender marinated ahi tuna. There were so many toppings that helped build up the flavors of the nachos with accompaniments such as avocado, cilantro, serranos, green onions, nori, and sesame seeds. These nachos weren’t just served with one type of sauce but THREE! You had some sweet soy to bring a touch of sweetness, sriracha aioli for the heat, and truffle sauce which is unique for poke but delicious all the same.

Shake Shack

Off to the final phase of this Happy Hour Adventure which is nestled on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Typically Shake Shack is a great spot to sit down and enjoy an amazing sunset while sipping on a shake and biting into a burger. However, it is now pick up and go situation since you are not allowed to sit down.

Social Distancing Marker

Luckily, Shake Shack is doing its part to ensure people are practicing Social Distancing with these markers on the ground. These are placed six feet apart so that people know where to stand as they eagerly wait for a delicious burger.

Burger at the Beach

I was at least able to snag a photo with the burger and the wonderful views one can expect to see at Crystal Cove. In the end it is just your traditional burger with a double patty, American cheese, lettuce, and their unique shack sauce. I think what tends to make this burger more delicious is when you are enjoying it with the sounds and the smell of the ocean in front of you. You also get a side of fries with the burger for $10. Compared to my Claim Jumper Adventure it is a cheaper burger than the Widow Maker, but you have to remember all the toppings you got on that beast of a burger.

Pineapple Express

To finish off my night I headed on home with the Pineapple Express, from Yard House, served in my yellow tiki glass to keep with the color of pineapple. This drink was an explosion of pineapple since it had both pineapple vodka and pineapple rum. Shaken with some Monin Mojito and of course some fresh pineapple to bring the fruit in its natural form. I still think I can’t get past pineapple flavored liquors because of the fact that they do tend to be sweeter and the flavor is a bit off.

It’s always nice to hop around to try out multiple places to experience what each place has to offer. It almost feels like bar hopping again but in a world where you are just getting everything for takeout. Luckily enough we were the only ones in the area for the Newport Marriott Villas so it was nice to be in a secluded area.

Website: Ruby’s Shake Shack







Since this involved multiple little Adventures I want to ask you this. Have you had the opportunity to restaurant or bar hop to try different foods and drinks?


Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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  1. In all my years I lived in Southern California I don't think I ever had the pleasure of going to the Shake Shack! Although you might want to ask your dad because he might say different and I just don't remember!

  2. Does a food festival at the world showcase count as restaurant and bar hopping? Other than that, there was one friend who organized a bit of a bar hop for their 21st birthday, and that's all the hopping I've ever done.

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