Burger Special Monday: Mastro’s Steakhouse

My dad was giving me the scoop on a burger special that Mastro’s Steakhouse does every Monday. So I was tasked with the mission of picking up the food and get it delivered straight over to the house. I’m the delivery guy when it comes to Mastro’s since it is pretty much just down the street from me.

Burger Special

Here’s a little sneak peek of the burger for you. Just so you can see what lies ahead. But before we get to this tasty step you’ll want to head to the Mastro’s website.

Burger Special Options

As you can see you have three options when it comes to Mastro’s The Duke Monday night feature. No matter what option you choose in the end, you are having the Grilled Prime Cheeseburger with a side of Parmesan Truffle Fries. As you can see it can be up to $110, which is definitely not grounds for a Happy Hour. Wait till you see the next picture to see if the deal is worth it to you.

Casa Del Bosque

Don’t worry your eyes are not fooling you, that is a full bottle of wine you are getting. As you can see we went ahead with the first option at $27.50 with the bottle of Casas Del Bosque Gran Reserva. From what I could find you can typically find this bottle at a store for around $17. So for an extra $10 you are getting a prime burger with truffle fries. That isn’t too bad if you fancy yourself a wine connoisseur.

Wine with a view

For those that are not familiar with this particular bottle of wine, it is a cabernet sauvignon. Which is made from a cross between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. The notes that I got from it were a more peppery profile most likely coming from the black currant melody. I’m not the biggest wine drinker but overall it wasn’t half bad. I think it would be nice to have with a nice juicy steak if I were to partake in it again.

Truffle Parmesan Fries

Since I was eating over at my parent’s place I was missing one crucial tool to help revitalize the life in delivered fries, my air fryer. I did my best to bring them to a somewhat good standard to have. Luckily I spotted a couple of crispy ones within the mix. I am always a sucker for anything with truffle on it. If you remember my blabbing about the Truffle Italian Cheese that I had with my charcuterie board. The flavor was definitely there, I just wish I was able to have them fresh.

Steakhouse quality burger?

I’m going to be straight up honest with all of you, this burger did not come close to meeting my expectations. I have high standards when it comes to burgers that come from a steakhouse, especially one with renown like Mastro’s. I’ll start with the cheese because I do not believe this was cheddar cheese. If it was cheddar cheese then it was a hybrid with American cheese. I don’t really enjoy the consistency that it has because it gets stuck to the roof of your mouth and it just doesn’t have the complex flavor of other cheeses. The burger was a double patty that was very thin. When I go to a steakhouse I typically see a thick juicy patty but this was not that case. If I do have to compliment some of the things on the burger it would have to be the bread and the bacon. You can tell the bun was of high quality and the bacon came out crispy, salty, and peppery to help improve the burger as a whole.

Blank Cake Canvas

So I do have to show you something that we always get whenever we go to Mastro’s Steakhouse. And that is Mastro’s Signature Warm Butter Cake. However, what you see above is the unfinished product, so let’s get to decorating.

Mastro’s Signature Butter Cake

Sadly I did have to share this most wonderful of desserts so please forgive the sloppiness of the cake cut. Once you pile this buttery rich cake with ice cream, fresh whipped cream, strawberries, and fruit sauce you are ready to stuff your face. The whipped cream is so light and airy that it helps to complement the dense and rich butter cake. The ice cream brings in that nice creamy flavor.

It is disappointing when you try a new special at a steakhouse that you absolutely love and it does not meet your satisfaction. However, when you are able to end on the wonderful note of an amazing dessert you tend to forget about everything else.

Website: Mastro’s Steakhouse



Food: (only basing it off the actual special)

Price: (although a whole bottle is nice it is still over $20)



Since I ended up steering towards something I normally don’t get I want to ask you this. Are you someone that sticks with the usual or do you try new special offerings at restaurants?

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!



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  1. It depends where I'm eating whether or not I stick to my "regular" order. I like to try new things but if I don't get to eat somewhere very much and know I won't be back soon to get the thing I know I love, I'll just order the thing I know I love.

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