I was on my way over to Bevmo to pick up some supplies for my Happy Hour Adventures when I get a call from my dad. Turns out he was on his way over to the Yard House in Costa Mesa to pick up some Happy Hour To Go. Definitely, a huge coincidence because the Bevmo that I was going to is directly across the street from Yard House. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, so I quickly grabbed my quarantine booze and drove right over.

Yard House at The Triangle

This particular Yard House location is at The Triangle in Costa Mesa where one can find a variety of restaurants to satisfy anyone. It was definitely a ghost town when typically this place is crawling with people on a typical Friday.

Gotta get that beer

As one pulls into the garage onto the second floor there is no confusion as to where the beverages and provisions lie. It is quite a unique way to recycle kegs into a combination of 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional artwork.

Happy Hour Special

One definitely has a limited window of opportunity if they are looking to get their hands on ½ off Apps and Pizzas. But I’d say for 50% off I’m willing to make time to get myself some Happy Hour Food.

Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza. No Mushroom

My dad had ordered a pizza, so we could share a couple of slices together in the garage to spend some time together. The pizza was subpar. It wasn’t the best pizza but it also wasn’t the worst pizza I’ve ever had. Sometimes making the simplest items can be the most challenging because there are so few ingredients. Those few ingredients have to be satisfying or it doesn’t come together. That’s how the Margherita Pizza at Andrea Ristorante is excellent. They use the best of the best into their pizza to make sure it blows your mind.

Grilled Korean BBQ Beef

Look at the succulent and tender beef short ribs above. Yard House is a place that serves up all of the classic Happy Hour items one might find anywhere. When my eyes wandered down the menu and happened upon the Grilled Korean BBQ Beef, I just had to get it.

Sauce Pour Time

One can spot the black and white sesame seeds sprinkled across the dish along with the vibrant green onions as well. However, this dish would not be complete without the cascading of the Aloha Sauce, essentially a teriyaki sauce. I do have to say all the flavors were there with the sweetness of the Aloha Sauce to the seasoning of the beef. However, the beef came out a bit chewy which was a bit disappointing.

Grey Goose Strawberry Moscow Mule

Now to the reason you most likely clicked on this Adventure, the $6 cocktails! You may have noticed that the cocktails were not listed on the actual Happy Hour picture earlier. That is because these wonderful cocktails are always $6 no matter the time of day! Not sure how they are able to sell them at $6 each and every day but I’m not complaining.

The wonderful cocktail you see above was the Grey Goose Strawberry Moscow Mule. To have Grey Goose in a $6 cocktail astounds me! This Moscow Mule was quite refreshing with the taste of the fresh strawberries muddled in with the ginger beer and lime juice. Also having that little sprig of the mint in the mix helped to elevate the flavors. I could be sipping on them all day long. 

Long Beach Tea

I may not have been at the Original Long Beach Location but that is not going to stop me from taking a swig of the Long Beach Tea. This booze-filled drink is a combination of Hangar 1 vodka, Bacardi rum, Chavo Malo tequila Blanco, Tanqueray gin, triple sec, citrus agave, cranberry juice, and sprite. For the most part, this is like a classic Long Island Tea, but instead of Coke, you have cranberry juice and sprite. It has fruit juice, so that makes it healthy, right? For me, the thing that made really made it unique was the citrus agave because it isn’t your traditional sweetener. It adds a nice bold citrus flavor to the drink.

Although the drinks may not have been part of the actual Happy Hour they certainly were the stars of this Happy Hour Adventure. Lucky for you there are many Yard House locations throughout Southern California. So now is the opportunity to get some cheap cocktails to go!


Website: Yard House







Take a look at the menu and let me know what cocktails and appetizers you would have gotten.

Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.

May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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