Work Sponsored Virtual Lunch: Nguyen’s Kitchen

As you know the situation is becoming increasingly harder on the restaurant industry throughout California and the U.S. It is going to be more and more difficult to actually find places that are just open in general. This is going to be the first post and not the last, that won’t actually be an actual Happy Hour from a restaurant. But as the title says it was a work-sponsored lunch, which means the meal was free. I can’t think of a better Happy Hour than free.


Nguyen’s Kitchen Website Homepage


The place that I decided to try was Nguyen’s Kitchen. There are three locations throughout Southern California, so it is a small local chain. We definitely have to support all the local businesses as best as we can in these times. But you may be wondering how did my work decide to pay for this?


Door Dash App

We were all sent $25 Door Dash gift cards! So we were able to choose anything that we wanted. When it came to the video conference it was great to see what everyone ordered.


Partial View of Nguyen’s Kitchen Menu

Here is a little snapshot of the menu offerings that Nguyen’s Kitchen has to feed one’s appetite. Scrolling through the items I had made my decision. The cool thing about the Door Dash app is that during these times you can have it set to have the food dropped right in front of your door. This is great because it helps to minimize interaction between people to prevent the spread of the virus.


Before the Magic


Usually, I don’t order beverages when I get delivery. I typically just have something to drink at home. But when your work is sponsoring lunch once can’t help but go all out. Any guesses as to what this drink could possibly be? Well, I think the above picture is a little boring. I think we should do a little magic and mix things up a bit.


After Magic: Thai Iced Tea


Much better. Don’t you think? If you hadn’t guessed it the drink you see before you is Thai Iced Tea. I don’t know why, but I have been craving this drink for a while. Every time I mix it up I love seeing the magical transformation of the dark tea to that bright orange color. I love the coconut milk flowing into the Ceylon tea it just brings out a wonderful sweetness to the drink.


Garlic Cajun Fries

For my side, I ordered the garlic cajun fries! I mean how could I not order something with a name like that? Obviously, fries getting delivered are not always the best but that is when I whip out my trusty air fryer to bring life back into these fries.


So much Garlic!


When they say garlic cajun fries they really mean GARLIC cajun fries! There were loads of minced garlic pieces hidden in the crevices between all the fries. Which I love! And it’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone being cooped up in my place. The garlic probably overpowered the cajun seasoning that was on the fries, but other than that they were delicious.


Gotta have that Bulgogi Sauce


I forgot to mention the sauce that came with the meal, which I may have used for the french fries as well. It was a Bulgogi sauce that is made with soy sauce, brown sugar, Asian pear, garlic, ginger, and ground pepper. At first bite, you taste this nice sweetness that must be coming from that delicious brown sugar. Then near the end, you feel the heat coming on as the spiciness dances across your tongue. They must have used some other sort of spicier pepper because it definitely was not ordinary black pepper. One thing is for sure, I need to get my hands on more of this sauce.


Bulgogi Beef Short Rib Sandwich


For the main event, I present to you, The Bulgogi Short Rib Steak Sandwich. The first thing that I spot on this sandwich is that bright green cilantro. Then I see all of that succulent steak nestling between that wonderful bread. We can’t forget all of the other supporting roles with the shredded pickled carrots being entangled with the onion and cucumber. And the piece of resistance was the sesame seed sprinkled across the sandwich.


So much Cilantro!


This was one tasty sandwich with many exciting flavors to be found hidden within it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bulgogi beef sandwich before but I think I may need to order them a little more often. I tasted the explosion of garlic flavor from the bulgogi sauce and the fresh cilantro was there to help calm things down. The bread was a perfect amount of softness and toastiness to keep the sandwich fillings in place. Overall it was a great entree for the meal.
I know that the reason I started this blog was to adventure into Orange County finding Happy Hours for all you Adventurers. However, in the restaurant industry’s time of need, they need any and all customers to support them. Maybe we can think of Happy Hour as a time about making ourselves happy with the food that the restaurant’s employees are making in the front lines every day in these scary times. I not only want to give a shout out to the restaurant employees but all people that are still working out there every day. The medical staff working in hospitals and employees of grocery stores. I could keep listing but I just want to say that anyone that has been affected by the COVID-19 crisis my heart and support goes out to you.
Since I got my food delivered I can’t really rate the ambiance since I did not see the inside, so I’m going to split my food and drink rating just like my Make Your Own Happy Hour Adventures.

Website: Nguyen’s Kitchen

Since this was the first time I had one of my Adventures delivered to my door I would like to ask you this. What food have you been getting delivered to you during this time?
Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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