Happy Hours have been known as a time to spend quality time with friends while having great food and drinks at a bar. However, we aren’t able to physically do this during the times of COVID-19. That does not mean one can’t come up with creative ideas to still experience this feeling. That is when the idea of a Virtual Happy Hour came about.


Cocktail Shaker Ready

Ingredients for Cocktail


Number one priority is getting that drink prepared! Above you have all the makings to create a refreshing margarita. You’ll need to measure out three parts margarita mix, two parts tequila, and one part triple sec. All of that will go in your trusty cocktail shaker and for some extra lime flavor squeeze in a quarter of a lime. Now to the best part in the cocktail preparation, shaking time.
Splash of Pineapple Juice


Now pour that shaken margarita into your favorite glass that will fit the concoction made. Heck, if you choose a smaller glass then that just means you get an extra margarita. I know it’s the same amount, but one could dream. Then with that pineapple juice, you saw with the ingredients, splash it on top.


Margarita with Pineapple


There you have it, a margarita, with a little flair from myself with that pineapple juice. And to keep on adding to that flair I have to have it in a glass celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Disney World. Was it the best margarita I’ve ever had? No, but it gets the job done when it comes to a Virtual Happy Hour with friends. 
Sure you can have a Virtual Happy Hour with your friends with just-drinks but that wouldn’t be the full Happy Hour experience. With ingredients that I bought during my last Make Your Own Happy Adventure, I got to work.


Seasoned Bread Crumbs


This recipe is also another three-ingredient appetizer from Tasty. You’re probably saying this in your head though, “Wait! Hold up! I know how to count and already I’m counting six ingredients there.” In that sense you are right. The recipe called for seasoned bread crumbs. First I could not find any bread crumbs but luckily I came upon some Panko bread crumbs. That solved my bread crumb problem but it didn’t solve my seasoned problem. So with some spices and seasonings that I hunted for in my pantry, I took out the following seasonings: red peppers, red beard, garlic powder, crispy chicken, and salt, oh wait I mean pepper in a container clearly labeled salt. So I tossed in a little bit of seasoning into the panko bread crumbs and walla, seasoned bread crumbs.


That Buffalo Sauce though


So technically the recipe I discovered on Tasty was for barbeque chicken bites. But as most of you know by now I am a fan of the spicier things in life. So I went for some of that delicious Buffalo Sauce! Signature Select style because it’s always nice to save a little bit of money.


Air Fryer Time


To get to the above step all you need is a chicken breast that you slice into small tender strips. Dip those strips into the Buffalo Sauce because that will be the adhesive to coat those strips with the seasoned bread crumbs you have. Then its time to throw those tenders in the oven, or in my case air fryer, for 15 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. At that time you coat the tenders with more Buffalo Sauce using a food brush on both sides then flip them over and cook for another 10 minutes.


Buffalo Chicken Tenders


After patiently waiting for all that time one can finally devour these tasty Buffalo Chicken Tenders. Are they the prettiest things to look at? Not really, no. But were they delectable? Oh, you bet they were!


The Infamous Dip!


I really liked all the different spices that I threw in because it really created a well-rounded dish overall. In the end, seasoning is king and if you fail in seasoning then the dish falls apart pretty quickly. The bad thing about these tenders was the breading, it came off pretty easily when I brushed more Buffalo sauce on them. That is where all the flavor is! Again I did not have any ranch, so I threw together a creamy Buffalo sauce myself. Just some mayo, garlic powder, red beards, and buffalo sauce.


My friends and I


Jessica and Marilyn are some of my closest friends so when we had to stay at home quarantined I knew it was going to be tough not seeing them. I first met Marilyn doing the Walt Disney World College Program working Food and Beverage at Typhoon Lagoon together back in Spring 2016. I met Jessica during my Spring 2017 Disneyland College Program through some mutual friends at the time. The main conversation was about the furloughing of cast members throughout the Walt Disney Company. Both Jessica and Marilyn work for the company in different aspects, so starting April 19th we shall see what happens. Mike, Jessica’s boyfriend, also works for the company and will be part of the furlough as well. My heart goes out to them and all cast members that work for the Walt Disney Company. I still have a lot of friends that work at the parks, so it truly is heartbreaking to see. I’m sure you will see them in another virtual Happy Hour soon enough.


Website: Tasty
Again, for this Adventure, I am going to have a little different rating system since obviously, I can’t judge everything the same.
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Since this post was about keeping in touch with friends through virtual means I wanted to ask you this. What have you been doing to keep Virtual meetups fun and interesting?
Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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