Upscale American Happy Hour: Paul Martin’s

In our last Happy Hour Adventure, I was enjoying a little bit of Habana’s at the Irvine Spectrum until it was time to meet my dad at the next destination. Originally we were only going to go for their OC Restaurant Week Menu, but we were able to fit in a Happy Hour as well. You may have already seen a sneak peek of this Adventure’s OC Restaurant Week’s Menu.


Birds of Paradise surrounding Paul Martin’s


Paul Martin’s American Grill! Another chain, but I feel that when it is presented in a more upscale environment it doesn’t really give off that chain feel. I have been here a couple of times before and they do have a spectacular Happy Hour. Every time I go I end up getting the same thing, but then it is always so delicious, plus it’s a great deal!


Dining Area


The bar


As you can see the restaurant dining area is quite elegant. The circular light fixtures hovering above pristine wooden tables just gives off the awe factor. The plants lining the barrier between tables helps add a little more natural touch to the restaurant. The bar itself is what catches the eye as soon as one enters through the doorway. Bottles upon bottles of a variety of liquors stand side by side for the eyes to gaze upon. I’m sure these bartenders are equipped to take on any drink order that comes their way.


Happy Hour Cocktails


Happy Hour Wine


Happy Hour Beer


The one thing about Chain Restaurants is that they can put so many items on their regular menu and Happy Hour menu and don’t have to worry about the cost. However, at over 45 drink options available it can be quite overwhelming on trying to decide what to order. Luckily for me, I stick to the cocktails which still make up a third of the drink menu. The drink prices are definitely a bit high for some of the options, especially some of the wines at $16! Definitely one of the highest-priced Happy Hour Menu item I’ve seen so far.


Happy Hour Food


The Famous Drink and Sandwich Pairing


For the food items, they range from $7-$15, which is also kind of on the pricier end. That is at least until you look at what the $15 items come with. You can add on a $7.50 cocktail, beer, and wine as well! Which really isn’t too bad because to get a full meal and a drink for $15 that is even better than the Claim Jumper Happy Hour Burger. If you remember that was $12 without a drink.


Classic Mojito


Since I had a rum-based drink over at Habana’s a little earlier I figured I might as well let the tropical drinks keep flowing. I went and ordered the classic mojito. It would have been interesting if I got the mojito at Habana’s and compared it with this one. It was actually a very tasty mojito with the mint leaves swizzled in throughout the rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. There’s just something about mint leaves in a drink that really helps add a more natural flavor.


Raspberry Martini
As I mentioned earlier I came to meet up with my dad, so since he’s there I’m able to share with you a second drink! My dad ordered the raspberry martini, and if you remembered the way he likes his drinks from the Silver Trumpet Adventure then you know he loves his drinks on the rocks with a sugar rim. If you decide to order this drink and it doesn’t come as pictured above then that is the reason why. The raspberry flavor profile was very prevalent in the drink. Which it is always nice when they actually go full throttle with the flavor. Definitely another tasty drink to order. There are so many other drinks that I would have liked to order, but I definitely would have come out of the restaurant tripping over my feet. Drink Responsibly! As you may have noticed both drinks were priced at $7.50, so you may have a guess at what the meal was.


Classic Burger


I would have loved to try one of the other amazing food items on the menu, but this was technically my dad’s meal. Luckily he was kind enough to have a bite, plus this is the item that I mentioned earlier that I usually always get. Since I was there to give their OC Restaurant Week Menu a try, check out Instagram for those pictures by clicking the Instagram logo in the menu.


Burger and a Beer, How American


This burger may not be as complex as the widowmaker which had onion rings, avocado, and bacon, but sometimes you don’t need a lot of stuff to make it a great burger. You have all the typical toppings such as lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. We picked cheddar cheese, which I think is one of my favorite cheeses to put on a burger. Paul Martin’s focuses their attention on the burger patty itself. The patty was cooked to perfection with the juices of the meet cascading into your mouth as you bite into it. It had the perfect char on the outside with it seasoned throughout the beef. The one unique thing they add to the burger is a black pepper aioli sauce, which is quite wonderful and adds that extra peppery flavor. Be sure to ask for a side of chipotle aioli if you need a little kick to the burger.


The Wine Wall


It is always nice to have Happy Hour with my dad. It is our way of catching up on what’s been going on in our lives. Something about sharing a meal and a drink with your father is always a unique experience. We don’t get to do it as often anymore now that I’m in Costa Mesa, which I know is not too far away from Huntington Beach. Sometimes we do get caught up in our own world’s and forget about the other people that make up our lives. Do what you can to be in the lives of those you care about whether it’s family, friends, significant others, or anyone else that makes you happy.


Nice Cushioned Seating Area


Overall it is definitely a nice place and one little thing I forgot to mention is I love how they have these nice cushioned couches and chairs right as you enter. It’s nice because you can actually dine at these tables and it feels like you’re having a little gettogether at your own coffee table.
Overall: image.png
When I come across a gargantuan menu it is always overwhelming because I want to try as much as possible. In the end, though I am always able to make a decision after asking the waiter for suggestions and cutting out what doesn’t sound interesting. What is it you do to make ordering an item easier from a giant menu?
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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  1. Oh, I'm one of those that can usually narrow my choice down to 2 or 3 items on an overwhelming menu. Any of these items would be wonderful, so I leave it up to the server to surprise me!

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