New York Deli Happy Hour Takeout: Benjies Deli

After five calls all of which were either continuously ringing or going straight to voicemail, I finally was able to get through to one place. At first, they said they would only be able to do Happy Hour food, which I was going to be fine with. But then they said they would be able to do Happy Hour drinks. I was sold! I put in my order and headed on over.


Sneak Peek of the Cocktail


Giant Sign for Benjies


Benjies was the one that took the call to action on another Great American Takeout Day! When I think of a Classic New York Deli I definitely don’t think of Happy Hour. Just because I don’t think of alcohol when I think of a deli. However, one unique thing about Benjies is they have the Avenue K Bar located inside the restaurant. But one thing New York Delis and New York period is known for is takeout!


Dining Area


One thing about this place is, you can tell it has seen many years of experience. It truly has the vibe of a really old school New York Deli. However, it does seem a little drab with the lighting and the couches are definitely not the latest and greatest in interior design.


Grocery Store


Deli Meats for Sale


One thing that is pretty interesting about delis is the fact that they can be treated as an actual grocery store on top of being a restaurant. As you can see there are deli meats, desserts, bread, and other non-perishables for sale. I did not buy any grocery items since I was pretty set on my necessities. But for those of you that live around the area, it might be a good opportunity to check it out. I would definitely check it out if I lived a little closer to it.


Happy Hour Drinks
As you can see their Happy Hour drinks are on the pricier side. I was hoping to get the John Daly since it sounded the most unique but they were all out of ice tea. It sure would have been refreshing! Yes, I do see the Lava Flow, which does have Rum in it but I don’t do too many frozen drinks.


Happy Hour Food
Everything ranges from $5-$8 for the food with around half of them being at the $7 mark. The majority of the items on here are definitely your generic bar food items. Luckily they did have some unique menu items that for the most part would only be found at a deli. Since I am at a deli I had to get something that had pastrami or corned beef in it. So place your bets on what appetizer I ended up getting!


Packaged up Cocktail


Those of you that were on Instagram might have seen the virtual poll to vote whether the above was a soup or a cocktail. Then I announced it was indeed a cocktail! You are finally about to find out what that cocktail is. But first, it is crazy the way that they packaged this drink. First in a styrofoam cup, which I don’t see as often anymore. Then the lid was taped down to prevent leaking, which unfortunately still happened. Luckily, it was all wrapped up in its own individual bag so nothing leaked in the car.


Templeton Manhattan


The moment you have all been waiting for! Drum roll, please! Dum-ba-badump! I ordered the Templeton Manhattan! All you need to make one of these bad boys is Templeton Rye Whiskey, Angostura bitters, and some sweet vermouth. There you go easy peasy! Although typically it is served straight up in a Martini glass, which sadly I do not own one. It was actually very tasty! The first time I had a Manhattan it was overbearingly strong. The sweet vermouth was what helped offset the strength of the whiskey, which I typically can’t do if you remember from my Bosscat Adventure. It would not be complete without a cherry being served with it. Just a typical Marishino cherry and not one of the fancier ones. Now that I think of it since we are at a New York Deli might as well get a drink from New York!


Reuben Fritters


Did you guys place your bets? Well if your hunch was the Reuben Fritters then you are a winner! The very first thing you notice about the fritters are the golden tan crunchy exterior. Just looking at them, I can hear the crunch they make as I bite down.


Reuben Fritter cannonballing into Honey Mustard


It is of course made with their famous corned beef which was just an explosion of flavor with each bite I took. A Reuben would be nothing without the sauerkraut, which you can see hiding within the huge amounts of corned beef. One can’t forget the creaminess that the swiss cheese and especially the cream cheese brings to this fried sphere. I think the thing that pushed the dish to be even more spectacular was the honey mustard dipping sauce that was served with the dish. I love a good honey mustard sauce and it has been a while since I’ve had an excellent one and this one delivered. It just added a nice touch of sweetness along with that tangy mustard taste.


Flowers outside the entrance


I was able to have a little conversation with the staff while they were finishing up wrapping up my food. Chanelle was telling me about how a customer came in holding a beer in hand as soon as they announced restaurants could serve alcohol to go. She mentioned how he was treating it as if we were in New Orleans. Which reminded me of the time that I went to New Orleans. Not just New Orleans, but New Orleans on actual Mardi Gras day! It was definitely the craziest and busiest celebration I have ever been a part of. My heart goes out to all the people in New Orleans that are going through huge breakouts of COVID-19. Part of the huge breakout stems from thousands of people near one another from the most recent celebrations.
I’m sorry to end on such a downer, but we definitely have to stay vigilant and safe out there with Social Distancing. I hope you are all doing well but are still able to enjoy some delicious food whether it be takeout, delivery, or made at home!
Website: Benjies Deli
We are going to go with a travel question for this Adventure, specifically travel in the US since we mentioned New York and New Orleans. Where in the US has been your favorite place to visit?
Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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