Taco Tuesday To Go: Fishbonz Seafood Grill

It is starting to get more and more difficult to seek out not just Happy Hours for takeout, but also just restaurants that are even open. I called five places, three of them had the phones keep ringing and ringing, another one discontinued their Happy Hour before all this even happened, and the other one had adjusted their hours to only be open 5 hours a day. It is so sad that these places are shutting down. I hope it is not permanent and they get the chance to open back up again that way myself and others can have the opportunity to have Adventures there.


Preview of the Tacos


The Entrance


This particular Fishbonz location is right on 17th street in Costa Mesa. The other one is located in Torrance. If you are familiar with the area then this is where one goes to check out bars. But funny enough Fishbonz isn’t really a bar. It is a place where you order at the counter and sit-down, which you can’t do during the time of COVID-19. They even told me I would have to order over the phone and then pick it up. I wouldn’t have been allowed to order there.


The Counter


As soon as you enter you come directly up to the counter for an individual to order enough food for their stomach’s content. Thinking about it this is my very first counter Happy Hour Adventure, which I think are going to be few and far between. They have quite a large menu given they have five giant tv screens to display all the items someone could get. For all of you beer and wine drinkers, I’m sure you can spot the beer and bottles of wine to the right. 
The Salsa or the Hook Ups


Since other people were waiting for their food it was important to make sure to stay at least six feet away from each other to follow social distancing rules. As you can see they have a little salsa bar labeled as hook ups which is quite the clever pun. I didn’t get a picture, but they actually individually packaged all the different salsas and sauces that you could cascade over your food. Although I guess if people are grabbing salsas from a container that’s room for contamination. But then again I guess people can be getting exposed to COVID-19 at grocery stores as well. So I guess my point is moot.


Taco Tuesday Specials


I finally got a picture of the menu for you during one of my takeout Happy Hour Adventures! Well, I guess this is technically a screenshot from the website. You may be asking, why haven’t you been doing this before? Well, I would have, but all of the menus would have taken way too many screenshots. Now that I think of it though, that hasn’t stopped me from bombarding you with pictures of large menus before. As you can see this really is strictly on Tuesdays. This brings up another discussion, does Taco Tuesday even count as a Happy Hour? I say anytime a place gives a designated time slot with special prices then it’s a Happy Hour in my book. The most expensive item on the menu is $8, which is a steal especially when you see most of the pricier items are full meals!


Original Fish (Fried) Taco


You already saw a sneak peek earlier of this taco, but before you, I present the Original Fish (fried) taco! I was so ready to dig into this taco because I was starving. But sadly my expectations were not really met. The fish itself was mushy and flavorless, to mine disappointment. I did appreciate the fresh slaw that was on the taco and the fact that the tortilla looked really authentic. Another bright point was when I tried the fried batter of the fish itself, it was very tasty. I just think the mushiness of the actual fish was too hard to overlook.


Grilled White Fish (Swai) (Cajun) Taco


The other taco I ordered was the Grilled White Fish (Swai) (Cajun) taco. This time the fish held together and the texture was a lot better than the fried fish taco. Even though the consistency of the fish was better it did not come through on the flavor. When I think of cajun cuisine I always am looking for great spice levels with loads of seasonings coming through. This cajun fish taco did not deliver, unfortunately. Even by adding the hot salsa from the hook ups bar did not help improve the taste and spiciness of the taco.


Ahi Poke Taco Sliders


I know, I know, it’s been one bad review after another on the food. Am I really going to have read through another negative on you might be telling yourself? Luckily for you, that is not the case for the Ahi Poke Taco Sliders. By the name, I would not have pictured them as tacos. When I hear sliders I’m thinking I’m going to get a miniature sandwich. However, in this case, they were little tacos. It seems unfair that there isn’t a word for a small taco just like slider is the word for small burger or sandwich.


Poke Taco in my Grasp


But I guess I’m getting off track with the name of the actual dish rather than talking about the flavors of it. The sauce that coated the ahi tuna poke was truly a mix of savory and sweet. And that bit of wasabi cream sauce just added even more sauciness to the dish. I always loved it when I got a bite with the green onion because it added that explosion of oniony flavor that I enjoy. I think the thing that I really enjoyed about the taco was the wonton shell. If you remember my post about the ahi tuna tacos from Red Table you remember me talking about how I liked the uniqueness of using a watermelon radish as a shell. But who am I kidding, who doesn’t love the taste of a fried wonton taco shell?


ProBaller and Tequila


I’m sure you really missed not seeing a drink in the last post. Well, I’m here to bring a smile to your face with a house cocktail. When I say house cocktail in this sense I literally mean it was a cocktail I made at my house. You may recognize the ProBaller energy drink if you read my GuacAmigos Social Hour Adventure. Tricia was nice enough to give me a bottle to bring home, which has been sitting in my fridge ever since. We had some leftover tequila from one of my roommate’s friends that left it behind. So I figured why not give this agave energy drink some additional agave flavor.


A Disney glass, what did you expect?


Of course, I had to serve it in a Disney glass. But not just any Disney glass, one that represents one of the places I worked at Walt Disney World during my Disney College Program. Can you guess where that is? One might be able to spot a partial view of the name if you are not familiar with where this icon is located. One thing to know about me is I can’t do a lot of carbonation, but when I first tried the energy drink it wasn’t really carbonated. It must have gone flat when I tried it originally. In this case, it was a little too carbonated for me. I think something that would have cut it down is if I had put some fresh lime juice into the mix. I believe that would have made for an amazing cocktail. With two free things, that makes this the cheapest drink I’ve had on my adventures.


A Deserted Patio


That’s the end of this Happy Hour Adventure. I was lucky that there was one saving grace in the food to make this Adventure somewhat delectable. But I found out a little after that on this particular day it was the Great American Takeout Day! I’m glad that people are doing their best to help out small businesses during this time. Any little thing that you order helps these places out. Even when I see loads of empty chairs and quiet restaurants there is still a glimmer of hope through takeout and delivery.
Growing up, my siblings and I always loved it whenever we got a chance to go to Rubio’s for those amazing fish tacos. Especially on Tuesdays for those Taco Tuesday deals! I have to ask, What is your favorite Taco Tuesday place?
Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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