After two weeks I was finally able to head to my parent’s place in Huntington Beach to show them pictures of my Guadalajara trip. Although we didn’t get the chance to go through them all, unfortunately. Since I was in the area we decided to head over to one place I would frequent a lot for Happy Hour. Just so you know this particular restaurant offers Happy Hour 7 days a week, so we had the chance to enjoy it on a Saturday.


The Red Table


Sign to the right of the entrance


One of the reasons I went to Red Table a lot was because it was a great spot for delicious food and it was walking distance. Which you know how much I love to walk to a Happy Hour. As you can see from the first picture the restaurant’s name comes from the iconic red table in the center of the restaurant. It is quite the statement piece!


Dining Area


It is a gorgeous restaurant with the beautiful lighting fixtures throughout along with the branch dividers that have string lights intertwining through them.


The bar


The bar itself gives off an industrial look from the metal-plated tabletop with the rivets throughout. The beer is front and center with all the liquours on either side of it. When I first came here, I couldn’t drink at the time, but I remember that it only served beer and wine, to begin with. The restaurant has definitely come a long way to the craft cocktails it has now.


Food for Happy Hour


Drinks for Happy Hour


So literally everything on this menu is the one price of $6. I’d say that it is not too bad myself, but one has to be careful because you may think it’s only $6. Then after ordering five items, you’re looking at a $30 bill before tax and tip. One thing I noticed from the last time was that there was a new food item on the menu. So I knew that it was going to be one of the items I was going to order.


Gin and Lemonade


Unfortunately, Red Table does not have any specialty or craft cocktails on Happy Hour special. However, it seems like a lot of you enjoy my drink pictures, so I wanted to at least get one. This is a gin and lemonade. Gin is in my top three liquors to drink, however, I don’t order it as often as I’d like. Gin is made from juniper berries, so it gives it a unique taste compared to other liquors. I did it with lemonade since I read gin and lemonade paired well, plus I like lemonade.


Artichoke Arancini Balls


Inside view of Arancini


We ended up ordering the Artichoke Arancini Balls. Arancini is essentially rice formed up into a ball and covered with bread crumbs then fried. Typically they are served with a side of marinara on the side as the dipping sauce for these balls of fried goodness. I did enjoy them, but what disappointed me the most was the fact that I could not even taste the artichoke whatsoever. I was really excited to try a new food item, but the execution was not the best. In the end, it was just a typical Arancini.


The Ava


Butterfly pea flower


Ava was our bartender for this portion of the Adventure! She was telling us how she was actually a regular to Red Table before becoming a bartender there. She has been studying craft cocktails for the past couple of years, so she has been learning to craft all kinds of things. She asked if gin was one of my go to’s and I did say that it was in my top three things to drink. So she ended up crafting something special for me. This cocktail was gin infused with butterfly pea flowers, Lillet Blanc, dry vermouth, and some orange bitters! The butterfly pea flowers are what gave the drink that distinct purple hue. She said she made it less boozy than she usually does, but I could definitely taste the flavors of all the different spirits coming through. I thought the flavors of the drink came together quite nicely and was the perfect sipping cocktail. The drink was served in a Nick & Norra glass, which is the typical glass similar drinks to this are served in. This particular one had etchings all across and it was beautifully crafted. She did not have a name for it, so I decided I would just call it the Ava.


Aerial View of Poke Tacos


Ahi Tuna Poke Tacos


This was actually round 2 of the same Happy Hour because we went back to the house to show my Guadalajara pictures then went back for dinner. Lucky us, Happy Hour was still going so we ordered one last item before it was over. These are one of our favorite things to order during Happy Hour because it just tastes so fresh. You have the ahi tuna tossed in your typical poke glaze, but they also had some sesame seed to give it a little nutty taste. In the mix was some cucumber, avocado, and seaweed. The most unique thing about the taco is the shell because it is a watermelon radish. Most ahi tuna poke tacos I get are served on wontons in the shape of taco shells, so this gave it a more healthy outlook on the dish. On the sides, you have two sauces, sriracha and wasabi cream to give the dish a little kick for those who enjoy it. Me being one of those individuals.


Blackened Chicken Penne


Morrocan Lamb Lollipops


For all of you fabulous Adventurers out there here are a couple of bonus pictures of the actual dinner that we had. The first dish was a blackened chicken penne, which I am always a sucker for anything that is blackened. It had some excellent sauce tossed throughout the pasta and of course, you have to have some parmesan cheese there. I ordered the Morrocan lamb lollipops, which I thought was prepared to perfection. There are times where I order lamb and it tastes a little gamy and this dish did not have that gamy flavor whatsoever. The vegetables to the side were seasoned very well and made the perfect side-dish to the entree. Unfortunately, I do forget what the sauce was on top of the lamb, so I do apologize. The reason we got these two items was the fact that they were on the Specials Menu. It’s another reason I love coming here because you can always expect something new whenever you come.
Unique Light Fixture
Ava was the bartender that I spoke to the most during this particular Adventure. She was kind enough to even write out the recipe for the drink that she crafted for me. She also now a new Adventurer that is following along all my Happy Hours that I go to. She not only works at Red Table but also a brand new bar that opened back 6 months ago. A mezcal speakeasy called 1974 Bodega, which I may have gone to that very night. So definitely keep an eye out for the drinks that I had over there on Instagram and Facebook. One other bartender I met was originally from Guadalajara, so I showed her some of the pictures of GDLuz, which is the light festival celebrating the anniversary of Guadalajara. It just celebrated its 478th birthday!
Website: Red Table
I always love it when there is a good variety of dishes of many cuisines, but still make the quality great. It tends to be tough when a restaurant veers to too many paths and nothing is consistent. My question to you is, do you have a restaurant close to you that serves up a couple of different cuisines?
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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