Pre Happy Hour: Mama’s Comfort Food and Cocktails

You’re probably wondering what exactly is a Pre Happy Hour? Well, it’s when you decide last minute to go to a Happy Hour before going to the actual one you are in the area attending.


Mama’s with some Natural Beauty


Mama’s Comfort Food and Cocktails


Right next door to the Happy Hour I was going to go to there is Mama’s Comfort Food and Cocktails. The Social Hour event by Locale Magazine wasn’t going to be starting until 6 and I had arrived at 5:30, so I decided to hit up Mama’s first.


Wall of family pictures


The restaurant has a homey feel to it because of the pictures of the families on the brick wall. The teal leather couch sort of reminds me of something from the ‘50s. In the end, it is a more modern take on a restaurant probably because it is a newer location, which just opened 6 months ago!


The bar


The bar and honestly the whole restaurant is a lot smaller than the other location that I’ve been to. But I guess that just keeps on adding to a more intimate feeling restaurant just like you are at Mama’s house. I love the wooden topped bar as well because it gives the restaurant a more natural feel as well. In the back wall, you could see the window shutters all painted in some bright colors, which really pops against the white walls.


The menu on a Newspaper


Food on Happy Hour Special


Drinks on Happy Hour Special
It seems the Happy Hour is kind of all over the place at least for drinks. Since the real menu shows that you can do wells, calls, and top-shelf for $6-$8. Wines are $1 off, while the brews are $4. And that menu shows that the Happy Hour is from Open till 7 pm, which is quite a long Happy Hour to be having. It also shows that it’s just Monday-Friday. While Mama’s Super Happy Hour is 7 days a week and is only 3-6 pm with everything $5, which is a great deal! Pretty crazy that a place can have two Happy Hours.


Tequila and Orange Juice


Since the Social Hour event that I was going to next was going to be serving margaritas, I thought it would be best if I stick with tequila. I went and ordered tequila and orange juice because who doesn’t like getting some vitamin C while drinking alcohol. I just needed a little grenadine and I would have been sipping on a Tequila Sunrise instead. Not much else to say about the drink, but I guess it’s another drink along with the bloody mary you can order in the mornings.


Crispy Peppers and Fries


Gotta have that ranch dip pic


I went and ordered an item that I don’t believe I have had the pleasure of ever trying before. I went and ordered the crispy peppers and fries! You can tell that the peppers are battered and fried in house, which is way better than any frozen fried food item that one sees. The crispy batter was the perfect amount of crisp and had a slight peppery flavor to it. I love banana peppers because they have the perfect amount of spice to them. When you first chomp down into the pepper itself you get that explosion of vinegar and spice coming through. I could have a basket full of these to myself and my heart would be content. The fries that this dish was served with were Mama’s famous garlic fries. And I do love some good garlic fries. Although these weren’t my all-time garlic fries ever. I’m someone that enjoys a little more crisp to my fries and these were a little more on the lightly fried side.


Mama’s Restaurant


I was able to have a conversation with the bartender Stephanie or Stephany I forgot how she spells it. I was telling her that I was here to enjoy a little pre-Happy Hour before heading on over next door. She had told me that she actually helped open the restaurant over there back in May. I think it’s awesome that one can say they were part of an opening team of a place. The main reason she worked there for such a short time was that she was waiting for Mama’s to open. Which opened a couple of months later. She had actually moved down from LA because she was getting tired of how dirty it was up there. She says how she loves how clean the OC area is. And being able to work at a restaurant right on the water’s edge, you can partly see it in one of the pictures above, ain’t bad in my book.
Overall this was a great quick Happy Hour experience. I was only there for maybe 25 minutes, which is one of my fastest Happy Hour Adventures so far.
I always love the feel of a nice cozy restaurant and bar. It allows people to intermingle in a more intimate setting. So I ask you what place do you go to that has a more homey feeling?
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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