Locale Magazine Social Hour: GuacAmigos

For the life of me, I can’t remember how I first found out about both Locale Magazine and the Social Hour event they do every so often. Regardless this is one of my favorite things that Locale Magazine does because for $10 you get a drink and for the most part all you can eat. The best part of it is that all the money goes to charity and each charity is different from each Social Hour they do.


The Entrance


Cool Mural


For all my Adventurers that read my blog post last week, I’m sure you were dying to find out what was the next Happy Hour Adventure I went to. Unless you decided to sneak a peek and look it up on a map to see what restaurant was next door. Well, I’m happy to announce I went to GuacAmigos! I was actually first introduced to this from another Locale Magazine event called Red, White & Lua. This event had around 20 different food and drink vendors serving up little small plates and GuacAmigos was one of them. Stephanie from Mama’s mentioned how that was their very first premiere event to showcase their food.


Sage Advice


The bar


By the time I got over, which was probably only 3 minutes after 6 the place was pretty packed! All the bar stools were taken and a majority of the tables were also taken up. I probably should have just stood right in front of the restaurant for 30 minutes before the start of the event. To me, the restaurant gives off the feel of a weathered down shack, especially from the outside. However, they bring about this with a modern twist with the light fixtures and the light-up central bar.


Ice Sculpture with free swag


As you can see the charity of the evening was for The Tony Hawk Foundation. Their mission is to “foster lasting improvements in society with an emphasis on supporting youth in low-income communities through skateboarding programs and the creation of skateparks” (The Tony Hawk Foundation). It seems like a great cause that helps to boost the confidence of kids through skateboarding. Also one of the sponsors of the event was Estrella Jalisco. Jalisco is the state where Guadalajara is located, so that is pretty cool! They also had a bunch of free goodies, which I always enjoy.


Food Menu


Drink Menu


I know this is a little different than my normal Happy Hour Adventures since this is more of an actual event and not an actual Happy Hour. However, the event is called Social Hour, which happens to be another name for Happy Hour. Plus, the food and drink they serve are all items you can find on their regular Happy Hour menu, so I say it still counts. So obviously no prices on these menus, since I already paid $10 to have everything included. Based on the drink menu I’m sure you can guess what I used my one drink ticket on.


Patron Silver “Casa” Margarita


If you guessed the Patron Silver “Casa” Margarita, then you have made the correct guess! I think this is my first time having a Margarita with Cointreau, so that gave it a more upscale taste. In addition to having the whole drink topped with Grand Marnier gave it that little extra boost of orange flavor within the drink. Overall a good high-quality margarita!


Beef Taquitos


The menu did state that they were supposed to be chicken taquitos, however, they were definitely their beef taquitos. I’m not complaining. I do love some good beef taquitos, but I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to review the chicken ones. These were very delicious because as you bite down into the outer crispy deep-fried exterior I knew my taste buds were ready for an adventure. The meat on the inside was still so moist and tender, which made it even more delectable. You can’t beat the toppings of cotija cheese and a little bit of pico de gallo.


Beef and Carnitas Tacos


For the main items, I had beef and carnitas tacos! It was a self-serve station for the tacos and by the time I got in line most of the tacos were all taken. This is all that was left, I would have loved to enjoy the brisket tacos that were over there. The beef taco was packed with flavor and spices, but it did come off as slightly greasy for me. The carnitas tacos I felt did not have as much flavor as they should have. I have definitely come across some amazing carnitas before, so my expectations are really high. I think another thing that didn’t help was the fact that they weren’t as hot as I was hoping them to be. But I guess that tends to happen when it is a buffet-style station when you come slightly late to the game.


Live Entertainment


I forgot to mention my favorite part of the Locale Social Hour event! The live music. I always love just listening to artists play music because it just adds to the ambiance of the restaurant. Any restaurant can just play music from an app, but to bring in live entertainment brings on that extra touch. The music definitely matched the theme of the restaurant with Latin music being played along with some pop songs mixed into the batch.


ProBaller Energy Drink


The person I probably talked to the most was Tricia over at a little booth that was set up. She was promoting ProBaller which was a new energy drink by the creator of Tres Sietes Tequila. Don’t worry this isn’t a sponsored post, but it was a unique energy drink that was actually very delicious. That’s coming from someone that doesn’t drink energy drinks whatsoever. It’s actually made from agave and I asked where the agave was grown she said it was in Jalisco. So I told her about my trip to Guadalajara doing the tequila train by Herradura. That’s when she mentioned that ProBaller is actually a great mixer to add to tequila because those both have agave, so it blends so perfectly. Tricia actually is a blogger on Instagram herself and was kind enough to give me a follow, so I would like to thank @tricia.e.s for the follow!


Tequila in Shining Lights


Tacos in Shining Lights


Locale Magazine with Brenda Song


I love the events that Locale Magazine throws, but I think this one was a bit overcrowded for my taste. It definitely made it tough to get served because the bar was just so jam-packed with people. I never got a chance to try the guacamole, which was too bad because I would have enjoyed sharing that food experience with you. I would love to return another time when maybe it isn’t as busy because I do want to come and try it for the regular Happy Hour. It’s kind of hard to truly judge a place’s Happy Hour when it is technically through an event. Don’t worry GuacAmigos I shall return one day for another Adventure.
Website: GuacAmigos
Price: (Based on $10 deal)
Service: (This visit. I’m sure this will change next time)
Since this was all about a special event Happy Hour I have this question for you. What’s been the most exciting event involving food and drink that you’ve been to? I would love to know.
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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