I decided to switch up the order of my posts to relay more a more prevalent Happy Hour Adventure given the current circumstances. In the time of COVID-19, restaurants are one of the industries that are hardest hit by the virus. Many are shutting down, while some are just offering pick-up and delivery. Since my whole blog revolves around the Happy Hour experience, one must adapt and so do the restaurants. So when I found out about a place that would honor Happy Hour To Go I was ecstatic.


Sign for the Camp
The Camp is an outdoor dining and shopping area filled with, dare I say it, Hipster establishments. Honestly, I love the vibe the whole area gives off and wish that I went more often. I don’t live too far from the area, but I guess one of the reasons I don’t go a lot is the fact that parking is a pain. However, that was definitely not the case today.


The Camp


As you can see the shopping area is modern with natural plant life one would see in California growing around. They are definitely trying to fit in the theme of a camp to get nature into the mix of things. But when you have these modern buildings in the area, it is more like glamping.


The Entrance


I ended up going to Taco Asylum because on this particular day it was a Tuesday. And you know what that typically means for Mexican restaurants, Taco Tuesday! Taco Asylum offers a dollar off on all of their tacos. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to take a picture of the menu since I called in the order just to pick it up. So once you finish reading the Adventure you’ll find a link to their menu for you to review and ogle at. 


The Bar


Dining Area


It is definitely a small place to dine at with very few tables and seats. But there are many little picnic tables throughout the Camp if you wanted to enjoy the fresh air. It really gives off an industrial look with the metal chairs and the rusted shelving. The leather couch’s coloring also goes well with the theming of the place. It almost looks as if the back of it is the padded cushioning you would see in a protected room at an Asylum. Plus you have the concrete flooring, which adds that last final touch of the industrial look.


Sign in the restaurant


I’ll go ahead and say it now I didn’t really get the chance to meet with the staff at all since for the most part it’s pick up and go. In this time you really have to minimize contact to the best of your ability. The staff was really helpful and was so happy to have someone supporting restaurants during this time. I know it is important to practice Social Distancing, but in these times restaurants could really use your support. One special they were running to encourage people to pick up was reduced pricing on all of their canned beer and bottled wine! So you’ll see what I got later on.


To Go Box


The tacos came in a cute little box with a nice stamp of their logo imprinted onto it. However, I would not be discourteous and take pictures of the tacos in the box, so it was time to upgrade the presentation.


Dual Tacos


For those of you that know me or have read my Uva Bar Happy Hour Adventure at Downtown Disney, then you know I am a Disney fan. So the plate I had to use had to be a Disney one.


Steak Chimichurri


So the first taco that caught my eye on the menu was the Steak Chimichurri Taco. It was loaded with grilled steak wagyu beef. This taco by itself with the $1 off was $4.75, which is a pricey taco. But I understand now why it is so much because they made sure it is overflowing with meat. Then, of course, you have the chimichurri sauce along with sauteed onions and peppers. The fried potatoes also added a nice extra texture to the taco. With all of these components combined it really made one flavorful taco.


Bahn Mi Taco


Taco Asylum offers some unique taco variations. Whenever a restaurant fuses cuisines together I am always elated to see the creativity they pull in a dish. I present to you the Bahn Mi taco! It had all the flavors one would expect from a Bahn Mi sandwich. You had the 5-spice pork which had a mix of sweet and spiciness to it which was something I was not expecting. Then you have all of those veggies: carrots, cucumber, onion, radishes, and my favorite, jalepeños. And I am always a fan of the wonderful herb that is cilantro. Like I said it had all the going on’s of a classic Bahn Mi Sandwich. All you have to do is replace the tortilla with a french baguette and you got one!


Hot Sauces


Of course, I couldn’t have left Taco Asylum before asking for some of their homemade hot sauces. However, there are dangers when one gets their food to go and that is possible spillage. One of the hot sauces caps fell off during the trip and it spilled everywhere. Luckily for me, the two spicy sauces survived the trip. Both had a very good kick to them and really brought in that punch of spiciness that I always love in Mexican food. Another danger of carry-out is the fact that the food can get cold by the time one gets back home.


June Shine: Hard Kombucha


Finally, the drink! When I found out that they had Hard Kombucha, I just had to give it a try. Especially when they name it June Shine since my birthday is in June! I’ve never had Kombucha or Hard Kombucha, so I figured if they were doing a special on their canned drinks I had to do it. What normally would have been $8 was only $4, so a fantastic deal for sure!


Ingredients of June Shine


For it being my first time trying it, it wasn’t half bad. I could definitely taste the hoppy notes coming through each sip I took. But what really encouraged me to keep sipping was all of the citrus and fruit notes. It’s only 6%, but for some reason, it really was hitting me. It was a nice refreshing drink to have alongside the tacos.


Nice Fountain in the Camp


I know it is a scary time that we are living in right now. We don’t know what each passing day is going to bring to not only the United States but also the world! However, in these troubling times, something that tends to help is great food and of course, a little alcohol never hurts.
Website: Taco Asylum
I know as of right now most of my readers are from California and some in Arizona. I know both of these states are either shutting down restaurants completely or at least offering delivery and take out. My question to you is, how is your favorite restaurant handling everything that is going on?
Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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  1. I am so happy to see that you are keeping the blog going! You have a nice knack for food presentation yourself!
    Thanks for supporting your local restaurants during this tough time. Cheers!

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