First Happy Hour Cocktail Takeout: Bar Louie

I am lucky enough that it was only the second place that I called that was offering Happy Hour to go! That definitely helped spark some joy into my soul. So I put in my order and headed on over.


Sneak Peek of what is to come


The District


I arrived at The District, which is located in Tustin and is a great location to find all kinds of restaurants for one to enjoy. What tends to be a hustling and bustling place on a Friday was a ghost town. Walking through I saw places that were still open but no patrons picking up food. The saddest was seeing places that were just completely shut down with little signs saying closed temporarily. It is a very sad sight to see for one that enjoys trying new dining establishments.


The entrance


After getting lost in The District I finally came upon the entrance for Bar Louie. I know this is a chain restaurant and during the time of COVID-19, I would prefer to support smaller businesses. However, it is becoming more and more strenuous to find places that match these criteria. But at least, in the end, I am helping the restaurant industry in some way.


Sign Advertising Takeout and Delivery
It is becoming very common to find places that have signs or banners announcing that they are offering takeout and delivery. These restaurants have to advertise anyway that they can to bring business their way. I do hope my Adventures will also help advertise to people out there!


Dining area and Bar


As you can see the place has some very tall ceilings which really add to the depth of the restaurant. However, the thing that stands out to be the main icon of this establishment is the bar itself. I certainly would hope that a place called Bar Louie would have an impressive bar. Numerous stools surround the bar longing for patrons to sit upon them once again. I couldn’t really get any better pictures of the place since they had a table set up right at the front of the entrance.


Takeout Items


They brought the food up to the table that was set up right at the entrance. Then once my drink was ready they said thank you and we hope to see you again. So I started heading back to my car with all of the items. Once I got to the car I realized I hadn’t even paid for it! So I set my stuff down in the car and headed on back. The bartender also had completely forgotten as well! This could have potentially have been my cheapest Happy Hour ever. But during these times one must do everything they can to support the restaurant industry and especially the people that work within it. And one shouldn’t dine and dash either, even if it was the mistake.


Happy Hour Menu
I certainly hope all of you Adventurers that are reading this are capable of doing a little bit of math because this Happy Hour involves it. All their flatbreads and certain appetizers are half off, so depending on where you live the prices of the appetizers may differ, so refer to the location closest to you. For all of the items that I ordered it averaged to around $6.50 each.


Sticker noting it as an Alcoholic Beverage


I’m sure you’ve been dying to find out how this place served their cocktails to go? Pretty much like any drink, in a plastic cup and a lid. Oh wait, there is one other thing, the giant sticker that they place on top of it. If you haven’t heard California eased up on the sale of alcoholic beverages for delivery and takeout. The only rules are as follows: first, one must buy food with it; second, it must be sold with a secured lid; finally, the giant sticker to cover any holes on top.


The Diva


I ended up ordering a martini called the Diva. With a drink called the Diva, I couldn’t possibly be drinking it out of a plastic cup, it wouldn’t do it justice. So I poured it into a stemless wine glass since sadly I do not own a martini glass. This cocktail was made with SKYY Pineapple Vodka, PAMA Liqueur, pomegranate syrup, and pineapple juice. The menu says it is usually served with a pineapple slice, which I sadly did not get. You all know how much I love pineapple, but I don’t think pineapple vodka is my thing. Or at least this pineapple vodka. To me, it had that artificial pineapple taste which is not pleasant. No the tastiest martini that I’ve had on my Adventures thus far.


Buffalo Chicken Flatbread


Finally the full view of the Buffalo Chicken Flatbread! As you probably could tell from the picture of the box earlier this is it folded out into a serving board. It is actually the perfect size for the flatbread almost as if the box was specifically designed for their flatbreads.


Eagerly Grabbing a Slice


This flatbread is loaded with a variety of different ingredients. You can see the little bits of crumbled blue cheese spread across the surface of the flatbread. Of course, you have those beautiful green scallions to add some of that fresh oniony taste. One can’t forget about the mix of mozzarella and provolone cheese that has blanketed over this crisp flatbread. They also drizzled some of their very tasty smoked onion ranch as well. I have to mention the main ingredient, the buffalo chicken, which was cut in small pieces and placed across the flatbread. I think the thing that really shined was the ranch on this flatbread because it added that nice creaminess to it. Other than that it was a very standard buffalo chicken flatbread.


Boneless Buffalo Wings


The box the Boneless Buffalo Wings were in would not suit for presentation, so I whipped out the Disney plate again. These boneless wings definitely have a decent size to them, but nothing will beat the size of the really, REALLY, Big wings over at Verde Kitchen. 


That glistening buffalo sauce


It seems like this whole blog post is being dedicated to buffalo sauce. Which I don’t think is a problem since I do love that buttery spicy flavor that it brings to dishes. Although the sauce, in this case, was pretty standard when it comes to some of the other buffalo sauced items that I’ve had. You could get blue cheese or ranch served with these, so I steered towards the ranch option. I was very excited to see that it was the same smoked onion ranch that was on the flatbread. In the same case, the ranch was what really shined within this dish.
I think it’s awesome that the regulations for selling cocktails to go have been made less strict. Restaurants definitely rely on the sale of alcohol to help generate revenue, so allowing the sale of it for takeout and delivery will hopefully help some of these restaurants.
Website: Bar Louie
What do you think about restaurants being allowed to sell alcohol to go? Good idea? Bad idea? Don’t care?
Let me know down below in the comments and be sure to share with friends and family that would enjoy this Happy Hour.
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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