Today was the last day of one of our coworkers before she was moving to a small town in Arkansas. I sure do hope her small town has Happy Hours. So as customary we all try to go out for one last final shebang before they leave. Typically this final hurrah is at a place with Happy Hour. And what better place than one that is just right down the road from the offices.


Glass sign as you enter
The Classic Q is located in the surrounded by many office buildings within the area. While comparing it to all the other bars in the area it is definitely the cheapest. That is why it is the perfect spot if you are looking to host a big group of people.


Billiards or Pool


TVs throughout


This was the first Happy Hour for our Adventures that I did not sit up at the bar. We had a good solid 20 plus people that showed up, so we definitely needed several tables scooted together to hold all of us. It’s a different experience not being up at the bar during Happy Hour because one tends to see all the hustle and bustle of the bartenders at the bar.
From the previous two pictures, The Classic Q Billiards and Sports club satisfies everything that it is trying to provide to its patrons. Plenty of pool tables for all the patrons to play billiards and even more, tv’s to be able to watch some of the big sports games.




As soon as I arrived there was actually food waiting for us. I may have cheated during this Happy Hour because technically all the food that we ordered was not on Happy Hour special. However, in the next picture, you will see that some of the items that we did get are on the menu above. As you can see, we can definitely mark this as another cheap Happy Hour adventure! All of the bites average to around $6, which is great but even better are the drink specials, which are around $5.


Sampler Platter: Onion Rings, Jalepeño Poppers, Zucchini Sticks, and Chicken Tenders


This is the magnificent platter that awaited us when we arrived at the bar! Your classic sampler filled with many fried foods! To list them off we have the chicken fingers in the front, jalapenño poppers to the right, onion rings in the back, and zucchini sticks to the left. To be honest I’ve had many sampler platters throughout my life and this particular one didn’t scream out that it was the best. It was all your very standard bar food, however, I’m sure it would taste even better if you had some more drinks in you. There is one thing that I am a sucker for and that is jalapenño poppers. They have some great elements that I’m looking for, spiciness from the jalepeños and the cream cheese to cool things down. Plus having both of those things surrounded by a delicious fried coating of breading makes it even better. Of course, to top things off, dunking them in ranch dressing takes it one step further.
Since this is all about Happy Hour adventures, I should get to why you are all here. The zucchini sticks and the onion rings. The only two items that I ate this evening that were technically on the Happy Hour menu. The zucchini sticks are different from other ones that I’ve had and that is because they were a thicker cut. The ones that I’ve had, typically are smaller and more heavy on the breading. I guess one can feel a little less guilty about having these ones, since you can think to yourself, “well at least I’m having my vegetables”. Now to the onion rings. I wish I could tell you they were the best onion rings I’ve ever had, but I’d be doing you a disservice. They were decent, but I guess I prefer a little more crunch to my onion rings. The breading definitely didn’t stick together as well as I hoped.


Rum and Pineapple


I know I made a big deal on the last post saying I would not get a standard drink, but I had to share one of my go to’s. The rum and pineapple! I love anything and everything tropical! So when I found out most bars allowed you to have pineapple juice as a mixer for the cheap well drinks offered at Happy Hour, I knew I had found my go-to. Although just to warn you some bars will charge you extra for certain specialty juices. So double-check before you order this at your next Happy Hour Adventure. I typically do a white rum and pineapple juice, but I think they put in a dark rum because it definitely came out darker in color. However, any type of rum with a tropical juice makes me feel I’m sitting on a sunny island with my feet in the sand.


Carne Asada Fries


I’m cheating again by not actually showing a true Happy Hour item. But, I just needed to talk about the carne asada fries. Honestly, anything fried topped with ooey gooey cheese and flavorful meat is always going to be delicious to me. The fries are very well seasoned here and now that I think back they do have Fab Fries on the Happy Hour menu. So, in the end, I did have something else on special but enhanced with a couple of extra goodies. Not sure if it’s just me, but dipping carne asada fries in creamy ranch makes it even more delectable.



Something about me, I’m the type of person that isn’t really the best at interacting in a large group environment. I think my max is a group of 5 people. I was still able to have conversations with people, but I didn’t really get a chance to have a full conversation with anyone particular person. Probably the longest conversation was the person sitting next to me, I’m not mentioning his name since I didn’t get a chance to ask if it was alright if I mentioned him for the blog. For the weekend he had some family coming into town from the east coast for the weekend. The thing he was excited about was about having a huge family brunch all together. Apparently, his mom really loves to host brunches. They go all out with all kinds of great food, but most importantly mimosas. What kind of brunch is it without a good mimosa?
There was one other person that I talked to during the Happy Hour and I also forgot to ask if I could use her name. Luckily she is the only person from work that follows my blog, so I shot her a message to see if it was ok and she said yes! So this is a shout out to Amanda for following OC Happy Hour Adventures! She is actually heading to San Diego for the weekend to visit with her boyfriend’s family. I wish I was going to San Diego! One of the things I asked her was how her go-to drink ended up being a greyhound, which by the way it is vodka with grapefruit juice. Her go-to liquor is vodka and she didn’t want to be typical with a vodka cranberry, so she switched over to a greyhound. Part of the reason was that the name sounded like a more manly drink and people would react with oo’s whenever she ordered it.
In the end, the food may not have been the greatest that I’ve had so far for my Happy Hour Adventures, but sometimes it isn’t about that. Sometimes a Happy Hour is just the people that surround you with a great bar environment. The Classic Q definitely was set up to keep all its patrons entertained, which was one of the highlights of this adventure. It seems Happy Hours were created for the office worker in mind because it happens around the time most people get done with work. So what better way than to end the work week or even the workday with some drinks with co-workers to get to know each other better.
Do you have a go-to Happy Hour to head to with all of your co-workers after a long week?
Let me know in the comments below. Cheers and let the adventures continue!


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  1. Well, here in Scottsdale, Arizona, our "teacher" go-to Happy Hour locations include Backyards (, Scottsdale Beer Co. (, and Tavern Grille ( I completely am with you as far as sometimes it's more about the company than the food. Of the three locations we go to, I prefer Backyards for their amazing outdoor patio. Scottsdale Beer Co. has a great selection of food and beers. Tavern Grille is just one of those hole in the wall places that I have yet to find something to fall in love with, so that's definitely about spending time with those I work with.
    I'd LOVE to challenge you to a game of pool at the Classic Q next time I venture to SoCal. Looks like a good place to play! Thanks for the adventures! I'm loving checking out my old stomping grounds through you!

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