Boy was I exhausted today. Could it have been because I was partying at brunch a little too hard the day before? Maybe? But who is to say. Tired or not I have a duty to keep the adventures going for all my fellow adventurers. So I decided to pick someplace close by.


Carved and Painted Sign by the door


Another Mexican restaurant!? What can I say, I love Mexican food! Little Onion Mexican Restaurant is just a quick drive down the street for me. It is located in a little strip mall filled with other restaurants, shops, and optometry. 


A Second floor?


Random Pictures with one being the Most Interesting Man in the World


My view of the bar


It is definitely a cute little Mexican restaurant filled with photographs, artwork, and of course, plenty of tequila. I think it’s really cool that it has an upstairs to it, which there are definitely not a lot of restaurants that have two floors. While looking up at the selection of tequila I was trying to see if I could spot a bottle of Herradura. Since I had just gotten back from Guadalajara doing the Herradura Tequila Express! Can you spot the bottle in the picture above?


Chips and Salsa


Of course, what type of Mexican restaurant would I be at if they didn’t serve chips and salsa before the meal? I’m glad that I finally found a salsa during my Happy Hour Adventures that had a kick to it. It still wasn’t too spicy, but you could see the pepper seeds bobbing in the salsa. Luckily, this was not the only salsa that I would be having this night.


Drinks on Happy Hour


Food on Happy Hour


Definitely, a nice quick Happy Hour, lasting a short two hours, so you better head on over here quickly after work to check it out. Although it is all day on Sunday, so if you don’t make it during the week then you can finish off your weekend on a good note. The drinks are the cheapest thing on this menu, so one can definitely do some damage here! All the food options range between $8-$10, which I’m surprised they don’t have any cheaper options available. 


Piña de Fresa Margarita


An up-close and personal view


As usual, since I was at a Mexican restaurant I had to order a margarita. The bartender suggested the classic one, but I’m here to show you as many varieties of drinks and food as possible. I went and ordered the Piña de Fresa Margarita. Although the menu just says Pina, my guess is that it is Piña since it does have pineapple juice. This margarita was made with Maestro Dobel silver tequila, strawberry puree, pineapple, and lime juice. I’m glad they make their margaritas on the rocks here because I have never been the biggest fan of blended margaritas. The bartender said the same exact thing, but for those of you that do enjoy a blended margarita, they can accommodate. This margarita had a bit of a frothy consistency on the first taste probably because when you shake pureed fruit in the shaker it makes it frothy. It was very refreshing and a decent sized glass. You definitely get your money’s worth on the drinks at this Happy Hour.


Quesadilla del Mar


Can you spot the shrimp?


For my meal on this adventure, I ended up ordering the quesadilla del mar or the quesadilla of the sea. As all quesadillas should be, this one was loaded with cheese for days! As you bite in you can stretch the cheese away and it would keep on going for miles. The reason this quesadilla is from the sea is, of course, the shrimp that you can find swimming within the cheese. They were unfortunately not the most flavorful shrimp that I had, which was a bit disappointing. Also as you can see on the menu it was supposed to come with mango salsa. I eventually did get it when I asked for it, but I did not get the opportunity to get a picture of it. The mango salsa was exactly what this dish needed because it was a great sweet tropical edition to the quesadilla. The salsa was just so refreshing and I could honestly eat it by itself. The bartender was saying that some of the chefs aren’t consistent about putting it on the plate, which is disappointing because I wonder how many people missed out on trying it.


Painting as soon as you enter


As mentioned in the very beginning, I was very tired today and did not really feel like talking to anyone on this day. But sometimes there is comfort in solitude when dining up at the bar by yourself. It’s important to give yourself a break every once in a while to be able to recharge your social battery.
My question to you is, what do you do in order to recharge your social battery? I know not really a food-related question, but part of the Happy Hour Adventure is meeting the fellow patrons around you. However, one can’t do that properly if you depleted your social battery.
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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