I live walking distance to the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, which is a theater that shows musicals on tours across the country. To be right around the corner of a place that presents world-class shows is quite amazing.


Segerstrom Center for the Arts


If you had a chance to follow along my Adventure on my Instagram story then you saw that I saw Escape to Margaritaville on that evening. It was definitely a fun show and that got you into a tropical mood especially when holding one of the specialty drinks they had. It wasn’t my favorite musical, but still entertaining. But enough of the musical you want to know what Happy Hour I went to beforehand.


Street entrance to Silver Trumpet


Silver Trumpet Restaurant and Bar is right across the street from the Segerstrom. It is a restaurant you can find inside a hotel named: Avenue of the Arts Costa Mesa, A Tribute Portfolio. If you are in the area looking for a high-quality Happy Hour then this is the place for you.


Outdoor Patio


Before entering the restaurant to the right is a great outdoor patio. However, it was very cold this night, at least to Californian standards, so we went ahead inside. I’m sure I’ll be back again when things warm up here.


View from the seat


Since I mentioned, we, this might be the moment to introduce who I ended up going with to this particular Happy Hour, my dad. He is someone that enjoys a good quality Happy Hour with top-notch food. I forget how we first found out about this place, but we have been multiple times before and are never disappointed. He is also a fan of musicals, so when he saw that Escape to Margaritaville was coming he wanted to go see it. That is when I suggested we should have Happy Hour at the Silver Trumpet beforehand.


Firepit in the back patio


After putting in our order I just had to run in the back to share with you the very nice fire pit they have on the outdoor patio out in the back of the restaurant. I know two different patios for one restaurant! I went here for a special event with Locale Magazine and had a wonderful time spending it near this fireplace.


Happy Hour Menu


Given the area that it is in it isn’t the most affordable Happy Hour, but you are for sure paying for higher quality items.


Aqua Fresca


I ordered the Aqua Fresca since it sounded the most interesting to me. It was watermelon and mint-infused vodka mixed with St Germain and lime juice. Of course, topped with some watermelon and mint for an extra added flavor. St. Germain is an elderflower liqueur, which I know some people tend not to enjoy, but I thought it was fine in this cocktail. What I was hoping for was more of a pronounced watermelon and mint flavor, so it did fall on that note for me personally. The lime juice and elderflower liqueur may have overpowered them.


Pomegranate Margarita


My dad went and ordered the pomegranate margarita which had all of the components of a regular margarita with tequila, lime juice, and agave nectar. What gave it that pink hue was the Pama, which is a pomegranate liqueur. The drink did have a couple of pomegranate seeds to showcase what the drink was all about. I think it was a good balance of showcasing a good margarita, with that bit of pomegranate flavor.


Chophouse Slider


The sliders are one of my favorite things on the Happy Hour menu here, so I had to order them to show them to you. The Chophouse slider keeps it simple but definitely adds in some unique ingredients to make it your not so ordinary slider. It is served on a grilled Hawaiian bun, which gives this semi-sweet bread a bit of a crunch. The cheese is a brie cheese, but it’s definitely a more mild one, so for those of you worried about trying a new cheese, I’d say this would be a good start. The sauce is a caper remoulade and boy do I love a good remoulade sauce. For the additional toppings, there is some butter lettuce, tomato, and the best thing about these are the crispy onions that are added.


Bacon-wrapped Medjool Dates


Last, but not least, the bacon-wrapped Medjool dates. Honestly, anything covered in bacon is a plus in my book. They are stuffed with gorgonzola cheese, which typically I’m not a fan of, but I think the savoriness of the bacon and the sweetness of the dates helps to balance out all of the flavors. It may have been a tad bit on the sweeter side, but dates are definitely known to be sweet. I think the maple glaze that it was topped off with pushed it a little further on the sweet side. Besides that, they are still some of the best bacon-wrapped dates I’ve had. It is because the bacon is extra crisp, which is the way I like it.

Picture of a silver trumpet


Overall the Silver Trumpet is a great spot for a higher quality happy hour and you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. If you are looking for a Happy Hour before seeing a world-class show at the Segerstrom, then this is the recommendation for you. It is always a great time coming back with my dad.
What is one of the fanciest Happy Hours you have frequented before? I think it’s always good to splurge a little extra once and a while. That is one of the reasons I love it when a more pricier place does Happy Hour because you get to enjoy the food and drink at a more reasonable rate.
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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