Surprise, surprise, I’m back at Downtown Disney already! I wasn’t thinking that I would be back for another Happy Hour Adventure until much later. What could possibly be the next Happy Hour in Downtown Disney?


Sign at dusk

This time I went to Tortilla Jo’s! It has definitely been a while since I last came here because it is a pricier Mexican restaurant. Just like my post on the Uva Bar this restaurant also has a pricey Happy Hour.


Happy Hour Menu


The drinks are the same price as what you would find at another restaurant outside of their Happy Hour. But you are saving some money compared to the non-Happy Hour menu. As you can see all of the food items are $10 or higher except for one, the Elote Asado. This item was actually recommended to me by Joseph the bartender, but I ended up going a different route.


Chips and Salsa


One tends not to get free things at Disney, but luckily here at Tortilla Jo’s, you get free chips and salsa as you wait for your food! The salsa was a typical restaurant-style salsa, but it was nothing to get super excited about. It was very tomato heavy to me and the other flavors you expect from a salsa didn’t really come through. I always like a touch of lime to give it that nice citrus taste and of course, some more peppers wouldn’t hurt.


Cazadores Tequila Añejo


I figured if I’m coming here I might as well try their Tequila of the day! On this particular day, all three of the tequila of the day options were Cazadores. I ended up choosing the tequila añejo. That alone is $12 just for a shot of it during Happy Hour. I decided to look it up and the bottle is usually sold for around $30 or so. So the value is definitely not the best here. However, I decided to take it one step further.




I went and got it as a margarita! Hey, it’s tough to beat a good margarita. For an extra $2 the final price on this drink reached $14, which at that point I feel like it’s not even Happy Hour. That being said, this has to be one of the tastiest margaritas I have ever had. The blend of this particular tequila with the lime juices and simple syrup was absolute perfection. Would I spend $14 again for this margarita, definitely not, but I am so glad I was able to try it.


The Outdoor Bar


Before we get on to the food I wanted to talk about all the people I met during this adventure. Joseph was able to talk about all the tequila of the days with me and mentioned how Cazadores is made in Jalisco. That is when I mentioned that I would be traveling to Guadalajara for the upcoming weekend, the capital of Jalisco. Then he started talking about how he watched this one YouTuber that got on flights to places around the world for $15 to $85! However, to do that he would have to book multiple flights to finally get to the last destination, he was trying to get to. I wish my flight was going to be that cheap. 
The last person I talked to right before leaving was Amna. She was visiting from New York and was in town for a trade show. She was asked if she wanted to go into Disneyland, but she decided to explore Downtown Disney instead. I didn’t get too much time to talk since I needed to get going.


Camarones Tapatios


Finally for the food! I ordered the Camarones Tapatios. This dish had quite a bit going on for it. Camarones are shrimp just in case you did not know and these were fried tossed in a Tapatio vinaigrette. It was served with purple potatoes and red onion along with some green onion on top. This was a really messy dish to eat because the shrimp still had the shell on, but was covered in the sauce. So it was hard to peel. Some of the shrimp were cooked well, but some of them did not come out too well. The potatoes were served cold, so that threw me off with the hot and cold temperatures battling it out in this dish. There is one saving grace in this dish and that is the Tapatio vinaigrette. This sauce was to die for with all the amazing flavors and spices within it. Of course, it was spicy and that is what I loved about it! By the time I was actually done eating that is when Amna told me about the best way to peel shrimp. So I will definitely give that a try next time.


View as you exit


There were a lot of pros and cons of the Happy Hour at Tortilla Jo’s. I ended up being at the outside bar, which is exactly where you want to be in Downtown Disney because it is the best way to people watch. They do have an indoor bar, but it only seats 5 people, unfortunately. Overall, I think if I were to come back I would definitely order a different food item and probably skip the overpriced drinks. I could have gotten a house margarita, but for almost $9 with a well tequila, I think I would pass.
This was the first adventure where I ordered a seafood dish! My question for you today is what is your favorite seafood to have? Let me know down below and be sure to follow along to be a fellow adventurer.
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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