Something about my personal life, I tend to meal prep on Sunday for the week but since I didn’t get back from Guadalajara until Tuesday night I had no chance to prep. That being said I had the perfect place in mind for where I was going to get a pretty hefty meal at a Happy Hour.


Claim Jumper Restaurant and Saloon

I went ahead and went to Claim Jumper. I was trying my best to avoid going to a chain restaurant for my Happy Hour Adventures until later on. However, this place offers an actual meal on their Happy Hour and I was craving it.


South Coast Plaza


This particular Claim Jumper location is walking distance from me! Although a little more of a walk than the other two places I have gone to. It is located at South Coast Plaza, which is one of “the” places to shop in Orange County. It has stores with the top brands and some amazing eateries! People from all over the world come to this spot in order to get their shopping done. They even have a money exchange shop inside. I have a couple of other locations at South Coast Plaza that I will be adventuring to soon enough.


View of the bar


Even though this is a chain, one thing I do love about it is the look of this bar. I love the industrial look of this huge crate hovering above our heads. Of course, the most important purpose of the crate is that it holds many bottles of liquor. The extra little touch of all of the bottles having light illuminating them makes it even more impressive.
$2 – $6 Food Options


$10 – $12 Food Options with $5 drinks


$8 Drink Options


$6 Drink Options


$4 – $5 Drink Options


The one thing about this Happy Hour is that it seems to go on forever! For the drinks alone there are over 40 different options. Five of those being zero proof specialty drinks or some places call them mocktails. I personally have never seen mocktails on Happy Hour special before, so it’s definitely great for those individuals that don’t drink alcohol. For food, they have almost 20 different options available to fill your stomach’s content.


Mount Gay Island Meister


What do we have here? Another tropical drink? Not just your normal tropical drink, but one with a twist. I ordered the Mount Gay Island Meister! This drink has a mix of Malibu rum, Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, Monin Passion Fruit Syrup, and fresh orange juice. But wait, what’s the twist? A shot of Jagermeister to top it off. I’ve actually avoided this drink for the longest time because I’ve had some bad experiences with Jager. However, it was actually quite pleasant. At first, it tasted a little watered down, but then I started getting those classical tropical notes. Then the booze hit. With two rums and Jagermeister, it was bound to slap me in the face eventually.
The Widow Maker


As mentioned I needed an actual dinner, not just a bunch of appetizers. The best option available is the Widow Maker Burger! It is not just the burger itself but it also comes with a mountain of fries to the side. They were shoestring style fries, which are my absolute favorite type of french fries. They have the perfect crunch to them, yet still, get that little bit of soft potato on the inside. They may have been a tad bit salty for me this time, but they are usually spot on.
Enough about the side, let’s move onto the main event. This huge burger, that I could barely fit into my mouth, was topped with smoked bacon, onion rings, avocado, American and Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and red relish. You know I am a sucker for a variety of textures. That is what makes this burger even more delicious because you have both crunchy fried onion rings and bacon. Then you have the gooey cheese just oozing over a fine beef patty. I used to not be a big fan of avocado, hopefully, that doesn’t lose me fellow adventurers. I mainly like them when they are with other items because it brings a nice creaminess to the dish. Plus having the avocado helped bring in some freshness to the dish.


The Widow Maker: Close and Personal


All the people around me didn’t seem to be in a talkative mood or they all left shortly after I had arrived. So I didn’t really get a chance to anyone during my adventure. Although as soon as I hand over my card one gentleman came up and got water with no ice. His name was Joe. I was able to start talking to him while I was waiting for my check to come and it turned into a much longer conversation than anticipated. He had told me that he remembers when Claim Jumper had first opened up at South Coast Plaza. Because before then it was an Irish Pub that he went to frequently, but unfortunately it closed down. And the lot stayed closed for over a year. He said that the rent for the restaurant was over $90,000 a month! Which blew my mind. The reason he was drinking water was that he had been sober for 12 years, which is an incredible feat. I found out he went to school in Nevada originally with a full-ride scholarship for playing football. Unfortunately, he got injured in the first year and lost his scholarship. We talked about how sometimes you don’t need stuff in life, it is about the memories that we make. It was great that I was able to get some interaction before I headed out.


Tanqueray Gin


Even though Claim Jumper is a chain, it still offers some great options for Happy Hour. If you went back and looked at the prices of the items I got then you know the whole thing was $20. This is pricey for Happy Hour, but when compared to ordering those same things without the special pricing it is a deal. That being said I will base my Price rating on the whole overall menu, not just what I ordered.
Also here are the Happy Hour times for this location:
Mon – Fri 3 pm – Close
Sat 11am – 3pm & 8:30pm – Close
Sun Open – Close
Since this was my first chain restaurant Happy Hour. My question for you today is what is your favorite chain restaurant? One with Happy Hour or not. Let me know down below and be sure to follow along to be a fellow adventurer.
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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