Barbeque Happy Hour: Bosscat Kitchen + Libations

Today was another long day at work! So I decided the one thing I needed to get me into a happy mood was a little Happy Hour Adventure! I went to a place that I have been to plenty of times through work and among other activities. However, I have never truly gone for strictly their Happy Hour. I know kind of ironic that I’m going to a place that I went to for work, but I had to give it a try under different circumstances.


Sign above the entrance


Part of the reason we have gone here for work events was that it is right around the corner from the office. The main reason is that it has got some great food and drink!


The restaurant


I just love the rustic feel of this restaurant. Just as the title states this is a place that specializes in Barbeque, but not only that southern comfort cooking. The decor matches exactly the things this restaurant is serving up. You can see the weathered down brick walls in the back with barn window shutters between old fashioned light fixtures.


The bar


Also, the ceiling of the restaurant is a mix of a solid blank brown canvas and decorative ceiling tiles, which creates that counteractive balance. The wall that connects to the kitchen is wooden planks, almost creating an old smokehouse environment. I love the fact that you can see back into the kitchen because one can be able to see all the excitement that is going on. Also what type of bar would I be at without some TVs?


Happy Hour Chalkboard


What do we have here? A giant chalkboard as soon as you enter into the actual physical building that displays they have Happy Hour. Although it is not the full Happy Hour Menu it gets the message across to the patrons that there is, in fact, a Happy Hour.


Happy Hour Menu

This is great! It seems like all the past couple of Happy Hours I’ve been to have had at least one item that was $10 or more. The point of Happy Hour is to keep it in a more reasonable price range to encourage people to come right after work. So I’m glad everything ranges from $5-$7 here.


Old Fashioned


I ended up ordering something that I’ve only had once before, an Old Fashioned. The main reason I ordered it was that this place specializes in whiskey. So what type of person would I be if I didn’t get a whiskey-based drink? The very first time I had one it was so strong that I couldn’t even drink it. I know, you’re probably thinking, that’s the point of an Old Fashioned. It’s supposed to be all booze! Maybe if I was a bigger fan of whiskey then I would have liked it more, but I’m getting off track. 


Old Fashioned with Orange in the background


This Old Fashioned was a completely different experience from my first one. It was so smooth and easily went down the hatch. The bartender, which I do not want to butcher the spelling of his name, so let’s call him R. He was telling me the thing that makes their Old Fashioned unique is that they make their simple syrup in house with raw sugar. None of the processed stuff that some places use. You could really get those citrus notes coming from the orange peel that was brushed along the lip of the glass. One thing I would have liked to have seen was to have it served with one large ice cube or a couple of medium ones. Just to give it more of that classy feel. It’s probably in my top list of drinks that I’ve had on my adventures.


Short Rib Grilled Cheese


So I told R to surprise me between one of two things: the Pig Pickin’ Tacos or the Short Rib Grilled Cheese that you see before you! The first thing that I noticed when they first brought it out was the fact that it was served on a cast-iron skillet. It just gives the restaurant more of the feel that you are in an old-school smokehouse where they use these types of dishes. You can see the short rib peaking out from that beautiful golden crust. I think that is one of the keys to an amazing grilled cheese: the buttery, crispy exterior.


That cheese though!


However, grilled cheese is nothing without the cheese itself. The cheese was a blend of parmesan and cheddar, which the parmesan definitely gave the sandwich notes of nuttiness and a little bit of salt. As I was eating it I kept on getting little pops of sweetness in my mouth. So I asked if there was anything else on the sandwich, but he said it was just the short rib. After further inspection, I saw little bits of caramelized onions in the sandwich. It must have been cooked in with the short rib. I thought this was the perfect touch to the sandwich because it helped to cut down on the fattiness of the grilled cheese. The short rib itself was very flavorful and there was only one bite that I had a little bit of dry meat. Other than that is was perfectly cooked. One thing that I wish this sandwich had was some sort of sauce. I feel like a good barbeque sauce would have taken this to a whole other world. It was when you got closer to the crust it did get dry because the meat and cheese were not spread out throughout the entire surface of the bread. The sauce would have made the perfect edition here.


Branded Check Holder

Today I really was trying to find someone to have a conversation with, but the bar was packed and people were sitting in much larger groups and were already deep into conversation. I didn’t want to try to butt into a conversation, so I just enjoyed listening to the white noise of conversation wash over the restaurant, while watching some TV. One of the things I enjoy overhearing is when people are talking about how strong their drinks are. Just because you know you are getting your money’s worth when everyone says they have a strong drink.
This place brought up a memory of the time that I waited 4.5 hours to get myself some barbeque. It wasn’t just any barbeque, it was Franklin Barbeque in Austin, Texas. So I wanted to ask what’s the longest you waited for Barbeque or any type of food?
May the adventures continue! Cheers!


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  1. Travis, that old fashioned looks wonderful! Cheers! I typically don't order one either, but I had a delicious one tonight. Hmmmm…longest wait for barbecue…I drove by Franklin's and there was NO WAY I was waiting in that line! Honestly, not sure how long my longest wait has been.

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