If I had the choice I would Uber or Lyft where ever I go. I honestly do not like to drive but am willing to do, so if it means getting to a great Happy Hour. However, today was a great example of me not having to get into a car to get to this particular Happy Hour.


Corner of Sakioka and Anton with Marriott looming in the background


The Met


I am a 10-minute walk or half-mile away from some office buildings in an area known as The Met. The courtyard of The Met is absolutely gorgeous, with wonderful spaces to sit down and relax during lunch for all of the employees. I wish I worked here and I could easily just walk to work. But hidden within these tall looming buildings lies a little spot that has Happy Hour.



This little hidden gem is known as Verde Kitchen. This is the perfect spot to be able to come down to right after one gets done with work for Happy Hour. Just another reason why I would love to work at The Met, but also a very dangerous reason. I would most likely be coming here all the time.


View from the bar


It is definitely more of an intimate place, just based on the size of the restaurant. It is very sleek and modern yet has plants throughout to give it that warmth and natural feel. It seems like a great place to come down for breakfast or lunch if you worked in the building. But we are solely here for the adventure that is the Happy Hour.

Happy Hour Specials


Weekday Specials


As you can see the menu doesn’t actually list drink prices for their Happy Hour. The food is what is featured at Verde Kitchen. But, don’t you worry there are drinks here. They have bottled beer for $3, draft beer for $5, and the wine ranges anywhere from $7-$12. For all the beer fans out there the draft beers are Space Dust, Mango Cart, and Big Wave. Here on OC Happy Hour Adventures though, I told myself I would only get a drink if it was a specialty cocktail. So what did I have to drink?
Water with Lemon


A good old fashion ice water with a lemon wedge. It’s important to stay hydrated out there! It wouldn’t be California though if it wasn’t served with a paper straw. However, I guess it is self-contradicting itself since the cup is plastic.



While waiting for my food the place was pretty empty most likely because everyone was still working in the offices. However, there was one other patron sitting up at the bar and his name was Dan. I asked him if he had ever been to the Happy Hour here and he mentioned that this was the first time he has ever been there period. Not only was it the first time he has been to Verde Kitchen, but it was his first time in Costa Mesa. The last time he was in California was 20 odd some years ago! Dan is from Minnesota who served in the military then retired, but wanted to keep occupied, so he got a job for UPS. The reason he was there was that one of his clients worked in the buildings and he was waiting for them to finish up with work, so he could be wined and dined at a winery nearby. It was actually a little mystery because all he was given was an address with no name and the bartender was trying to figure out where he might be going. Apparently, UPS helps ships their medical devices for hearts, which I found very interesting.


really, Really, BIG Wings


As you can see by the pictures I ordered the wings. So you probably could guess that I was here on a Wednesday. However, if you read the description of Wine & Wingsday you can see they have trivia night and they do grilling out on the patio. However, there wasn’t going to be trivia or grilling that night since the people that usually do it would not be there that day. It would have been fun to check it out. From what the bartender told me the best day to come here is on Tuesday because you get 2 appetizers for $12. Now that is a deal!


Verde sweet and spicy sticky wings


When the menu said really, Really BIG wings, Verde Kitchen provided just that. I specifically ordered the Verde sweet and spicy sticky wings because how could I not go and order wings named after the restaurant. And boy were these wings sticky, but so worth the mess! You can just see the molasses that is in the sauce glistening. The sauce also had notes of ginger and peppers throughout. Biting into the crispy exterior of these wings was so satisfying and then you taste the well seasoned and tender chicken within. The scallions added a nice crisp refreshing flavor to the wings. By the way, thank you, Tiernan, for going above and beyond and asking the chef what exactly made the sauce so unique. Also, for giving me some wet naps as he saw me struggling trying to clean off my hands.
You can’t beat one of the classic Happy Hour appetizers, that are wings. Especially, when you are so close that you can walk to the place. But, I guess after having four dinosaur-sized wings one should walk off those calories.
What are your favorite flavors of wings? Do you go to the traditional buffalo or do you go outside the box and order something unique? Let me know in the comments below.
Cheers and let the adventures continue!


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  1. Mmmmmmm….WINGS! You had me at wings! Me, I prefer buffalo, or Three Mile Island HOT! Man, I can't WAIT to come to SoCal, OC, to check out this amazing food!

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